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Help With Understanding...

Discussion in 'World Building' started by huscarl, Apr 21, 2020.

  1. huscarl

    huscarl Dreamer

    Hi All,

    I need some help understanding what this is trying to tell me:
    • An ancient comet impact severely damaged civilization which has recovered to an extent.
    • There are x number of quadruplets of black stone pillars made from the melted rock from the ancient impact crater.
    • These are dispersed throughout the continent
      • Some at religious sites
      • Some nondescript
    • They have induced dreams in some that have been exposed to them.
    • So far the dreams have been of the past.
    • There is an evil wizard interested in the pillars.
    • There is a group or two of adventurers that is just discovering the existence of the pillars.
    • A seer is beginning to tell a prophecy about the stones and the people looking for them.
    • Another comet may be coming…
    Semper Fidelis
  2. Orc Knight

    Orc Knight Auror

    It seems, slightly in jest, that your world routinely get's hit by mystical and magical astroid/comets. That breed prescience for another one incoming and dreams of the world that was. The magical space rock was used to create artifacts of some sort, in pillar form, perhaps in warning or as focus for magic blooming or coming back into the world. The Wizard was told by the Seer that great power resides in them, enough to remake the world, if not by the way the Wizard thinks it will. Then, the Seer starts telling prophecies of random adventurers who have made the pillars their study and exploration cause and ropes them in to stop the wizard from actually conducting a magic spell that in short does the old: Rock Falls, Everyone Dies, bit.
  3. Patrick-Leigh

    Patrick-Leigh Sage

    Well, evil wizards are usually looking for ways to increase their power, so finding a means to tap into the monoliths certainly seems to line up with that sort of desire. (Or he might be trying to use them to look into the ancient past to recover lost knowledge of more powerful magic.) He may also be trying to ensure that the comet comes so he can obtain more monoliths. Meanwhile the seer is seeing into the future and realizes that the two adventurers are the key to thwarting the evil wizard's plans. That' what it seems like to me.
  4. huscarl

    huscarl Dreamer

    I was kind of cryptic on purpose, hoping to spark something from others. Not sure it that worked completely but thank you two for contributing. Looking to connect these dots into something coherent for world building and story.

    Some new insights: Myth has these comets as Wyrms (great dragons.) And thinking astronomically time between threatening comets is on the order thousands or 10s of thousands of years. My main block is what are the pillars? What power do they hold?

    Saga of Orm
    "The sky calmed after the great Wyrm roared overhead. Then the Wyrm rose in the east – an inferno; as if the world was turned around, its fiery breath ruining all before it and the land awoke with great shudders; then the sky fell in bits and mounds until all went dark - never again to brighten."

    Inspired by lines from norse saga below and an image of comet Tebbutt.

    "The rock-monsters groaned, the stone-fields thundered,
    the ancient earth all moved together;
    then there sank back that fish into the sea."

    Great Comet of 1861, also known as C/1861 J1 or comet Tebbutt. Beyond this date, astrophotography began to capture Great Comets and major comets. Illustration via E. Weiß, Bilderatlas der Sternenwelt.

    Semper Fidelis
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