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I need an editor. Recommendations?


Myth Weaver
I've been using Tim at Flourish Editing. Unfortunately, he's unavailble to perform the level of analysis that I desire at this time, so I've got to use someone new.

My budget is around $500-600 for 115,000 words. I'm seeking a scene-by-scene structural analysis, not line editing.

Any suggestions?




Myth Weaver
What's your timeline? My editor might be interested in taking on another job, and I can put in a good word for you. She's excellent.


Since posting, I've found one. I had a lot of issues finding someone who could work with my budget, so I used elance. I got a bunch of proposals and was pretty happy with three of them. Of those, I picked the one that I thought would push me the most.

Thanks for the response, though.



Wish I'd seen this earlier. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

In the meantime, maybe I ought to be looking into elance.… ;)
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