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In need of help naming a faction:

Usually I am pretty good at naming factions in a world, but this one in my current work has me stumped. Here's a little background on the faction...

They are kinda like my world's version of Interpol. They are a universal law enforcement organization that hunts down criminals that have committed crimes across multiple kingdoms. They can't interfere in incidents isolated to one kingdom. Their members are from all over the continent. Their numbers are considerable, and they are both well-trained and well-armed. They were founded after a large war that took place across the continent. Criminals were running around unchecked. This was because they kept crossing the borders to other kingdoms, and do to the war the kingdoms didn't want to cooperate with each other. So this organization was founded so that there would be a group who was impartial to the different kingdoms, and could handle these kinds of situations.

For some reason I am completely stuck on a name for them. Any ideas?


the Formidable Allied Forces (which the people could just referred as "The Formidable" to make the name more palatable)

the Disciplinarian Alliance

the Unified League of Retribution

the Ecumenical Enforcers

As Interpol (International Police) these names, somehow help to visualize an elite group of law-enforcers with inter-kingdom capabilities.


What's their style and the laws? Are the laws drawn on the principle of "eye for an eye", more modern principles, brutal and cracking bones as they go with extreme violence visited on guilty parties or what is the justice like, that these guys serve?


Grey Arbiters. The Intercessors. God's Huntsmen. Shots in the dark--this really depends on your world and the feel you're going for. Without knowing more about your naming conventions it's very hard to help.


The Adjective Nouns? (The Red League, The Gold Cloaks, The Invisible Cavalry)
The cryptic/vague noun? (The Order, The Circle, The Agents)
Portmanteau? (UniLaw, OutGuard, EvaLeague)

I don't know. There's a lot you can do.
Thank you everyone for the assistance. Honestly, I'm kinda liking keeping the details minimal for this thread just because it's creating a wider range of ideas. I think I'm gonna go with a combo of an official name for them, and then use the Adjective Noun idea for something that people call them unofficially.

K.S. Crooks

WTF- World Task Force, Guardians, World Watchers, Honor Guard, Kingdom Rangers, IPF- Intercontinental Police Force, Kingdomless Knights, Knights of No Realm, The Hunters (As in man hunters or bounty hunters)