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Languages used by mythical creatures...


I doubt the original poster is coming back to look at this, but after many years of trying different methods, I found best for me is just to say that the language was different in the dialog tag, or that the POV character could not understand what was said.

A sample might look like...

"Get away from that," the man shouted in his native Elbonian.

"Get away from what," I shouted back, not quite getting the inflection right.

A third man shouted, but his language was so strange, I could not understand.

It seems to work best. I dont have Mark Twains gift for writing phonetically, or Tolkiens gift for making it up ;)

Ruth Chris

Lol right, I didn't see that this was from 2015 haha. Well there are certainly questions and projects I still have open goin on at least 7 years