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I'm a writer from NYC, with plenty of self-doubt and a lack of self-confidence when it comes to pursuing a professional career as an author. It's been a dream of mine, but I still have much to learn. According to some sources, an intermediate level writer can be someone who is always doubting their abilities and has dealt with rejection to some extent. Also, someone who boasts about their writing with an ego is probably a beginner and still hasn't faced true critique or professional obstacles.

Oddly enough, I'm neither a prolific writer nor reader. I'd like to change that over time, but I get easily distracted either by outside sources or the constant traffic of thoughts in my mind. The clouds that hang over my head and distract me can sometimes contribute and make me feel neurotic. One day I can read half a book, other days I can't read a paragraph. I've been this way my whole life and I'm currently 34.

Furthermore, I've had some experience in screenwriting. A couple of screenplays were adapted into short films which I'm not very proud of. The better short was a decent adaptation of my script which was a silent experimental horror piece. (I was very much into horror at one point.) The second film was a putrid, unforgivable mess. All ego aside, the Director/Producer decided it would've been in his best interest to use it as a selfish marketing technique, attempting to showcase his own acting presence. What strikes me odd is this script had dialogue in it, and he praised the dialogue before pushing me into registering the script and continuing with the legalities. Eventually, he omitted all the dialogue and I was left in confusion. I strongly believed he didn't care about my vision or the influences behind what I wrote at the time, so he just took the script and did what he wanted, underestimating me entirely.

After years in hiatus and being jaded with the film-industry, I was convinced by people to try writing again and possibly self-publishing something. I feel completely naked, but someone just introduced me to The Witcher series and it's something that has peaked my interest for quite some time. So, here I am trying to serve a purpose once again. I found this years ago, but was hesitant to join because I didn't feel special enough to converse with all these great, well-read fantasy authors. I decided to suck it up, because I don't feel like giving up just yet.


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Hail and well-met illuminate85
Good to have you here.
Hopefully, you will find this a useful and supportive site on your writing journey.
Leap on in and enjoy!


Welcome back to the fray, friend.
It’s good to see that you still have hope for your writing, and that’s good. This is a good place to jump back in, and get that confidence back while also tempering your writing style.