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Name Your Favorite Magic System Cliches


I always like it when magic is really manipulating spirits to do stuff for you.

Not sure if I would count it as a cliche, though. I see it only pretty rarely and not sloppily stuck on to stories.
Fireballs and other types of explosive fire magic. That and Necromancy both are great, though I can't say that I'm huge on the whole, in order to be undead they have to be rotting idea, but otherwise I love it. It forces the characters to get creative, bonus points to those who use explosives.


bonus points to those who use explosives
I don’t know if I read it or saw it in a movie, but I’ve had an idea in my head for a long time. Zombies, raised from the dead, and packed with explosives. When the mages throw fireballs the zombies go BOOM. Some have fuses hanging out of them so they are time-bombs. They can be catapulted at castle walls or used as sappers. How many bonus points do I get?
Umm, let me see... 4 for packing the Zombies with explosives another 3 for mage's to explode them with fire balls, 5 for the time bombs and another 5 for making me laugh my head off. So in all about 17 bonus points. :)