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NaNoWriMo 2023 Wordcounts


Myth Weaver
About nine hundred words into Chapter Two, plus another hundred words or so worth of character notes. Rougher going than Chapter One, but I should make it to the naked women (do necklaces and bracelets count as 'clothing?') tomorrow. It'll be a shorter chapter than the first, under two thousand words.
1044 so far today. I think I will do a split shift and continue with the rest tonight. Been going off the general rule that each character should want something they can’t / don’t have, which seems to be carrying me along nicely.


Myth Weaver
Chapter Two hit 2400 words. The naked people came and went.

Now it is time for Chapter Three...the imperial army settling into a gargantuan (and mostly empty) palace.


Myth Weaver
A mere three hundred and some words into Chapter Three - and getting there meant adding four hundred plus words to the 'Notes' file, to keep names straight and whatnot. Mostly scene setting, big picture of a huge palace with hundreds of vacant rooms looming over the city of Cendoza.


Troglodytic Trouvère
Article Team
Spent the day away, so no words from me. That's alright though. My goal is 20k solid, usable words, and so far I am on track. Congratulations to those of you who are finishing huge numbers. It's impressive. The most I ever wrote on a single day was 5.5k, which knocked me out of the writing game for a week at least :p
Jeez...I am at like three. I started to work, and immediately, someone started yakking at me. Weekends are no good for me.
I do a lot of scribbles on my notes app when I feel inclined to write, then I copy and paste that onto my Pages document in the evenings. I’m only four days in, but it hasn’t been strenuous so far which I have been pleasantly surprised at.


Myth Weaver
Well...as I said before. I am in editing. Its the part where every word gets scrutiny, and spending a lot of time on just a small portion can take most of my time.

I am not expecting to be able to produce word counts. I just want a polished work.

But you are off to a great pace. Keep that up, and you will have Nano in the bag.


Myth Weaver
Finished Chapter Three, which was way longer than expected (and had to rewrite the first five hundred words). Anyhow, that let me make my third official NaNo update, bringing the grand total to 10,500 words - about 2000 words over the mark. It would be 11,000+ words if I'd included the updates to the notes file.

Next up... an outcast sorceress takes a little river trip and maybe learns a bit more magic. Should be a short chapter... but I've thought that before.

After that, a little tour of alien Lovecraftian steampunk cities...