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NaNoWriMo 2023 Wordcounts

Ned Marcus

Wrote 869 words today. I didn't think I'd write anything—I don't usually write late at night—but I felt listless and thought writing might be a cure. It's strange, but I feel physically better now. Perhaps it'll help me sleep.
I didn’t manage to update yesterday but managed 1153. Nearly at the 20,000 mark could reach it today if I meet the minimum word count.


Myth Weaver
Posted this in the wrong thread yesterday:


Chapter seven is a wrap at 5800 words...but it is almost certain to shrink substantially during the rewrite. Worse, my crude outline will need serious revamping in a few more chapters.

Anyhow, the current official grand total is 23660 words.

Much of today was spent attempting to resolve the outlining issues.

At first, Chapter eight was supposed to be the POV of one character, then another, but neither of them fit. The decision I made has a 'think about it aspect to it.' Instead, I returned to an earlier chapter, wrote six or eight hundred words, didn't care for them, thought about that for a while, then went and rewrote them, growing that section to about fifteen hundred words - can't say for sure with the other tinkering to that chapter, but close enough, and that was what I claimed for the official NaNo count.

So, the grand total sits at 25,160 words.
A healthy 1643 so far today, starting on act 2 which contains most of the chapters that make up the basic structure of the book. Might write some more tonight, but this also brings me to the 20K mark, making it a total word count of 21,241.
Company on Saturday and sinuses Sunday made a splat for writing, lucky to get 1k over two days... but today, at last, 2686. Damn you nose! No, wait. I love you, my darling little schnoz. Please quit draining. Please? Aaaagh!

20,224 for November so far. Novel word count at 125k+. Should wrap it around 150-160k by the end of the month.


Myth Weaver
Did a thousand words on Chapter eight in the early AM, ran into some issues, went to bed...and woke up with the rest of that chapter and (hopefully) all of the next rattling around in my head. (Also woke up to the real-world issue of a heavy, wet snow dump, but that's another matter.) Anyhow, chapter eight is done at 2300 words, which brings the official NaNo tally up to 27,360 words.

Now, it be time to see if I can do anything about the white stuff in the driveway...
2224. But an intense 2224. I started this book not knowing the end... I know the end of the series and other POVs, but not what the real end would be, the final chapter. I think I just wrote it. And holy shit... yeah.
Like drawing blood from a stone today - around 1000 words done. Writing this POV character is tedious at the moment need to remember what drew me to want to write them!