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New Publishing Company Looking for an Editor


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I am Cuyler Callahan, the President of Wolf Head Books & Publishing Ltd.(WolfHead)
WolfHead is a new company, only started early 2015. We are a federally Canadian registered corporation. We publish fantasy, science fiction, adventure, and historical fiction. We also want to get into poem books and maybe even informational books down the road, but our sole focus is on the fiction.

Myself, and my business partner, would like to bring on others to became part owners of the company. We currently have two book contracts with authors, and a few more in the works, along with many story submissions. We want to put together a publishing team that will work together to bring stories to the market in a professional way, but in a new low cost way through the utilization of print on demand technology.

We initially thought we could do all the work ourselves, but we can't handle the workload ourselves. We need to put together a team that can all take certain jobs and finish them to bring our product to being.

What would be your role. As editor you would take an officer role in the corporation as Assistant Editing Officer. We want to bring on a couple editors. One of the editors will have the chance to be promoted to the officer position as Chief Editing Officer in the future.

As editors, you will edit the books we select for publication. Mostly copy-editing and style congruence.
You would be paid in shares of the corporation for your work. Once the company begins to make money, you will be paid out in dividends depending on the number of shares you own. The more work done, the more shares you will own as the shares will be paid out in accordance with your job position, and also in jobs completed. This will allow those that put in a lot of effort to have a larger share of the dividends when they are distributed.

We are looking for someone who wants to help us build up this company and have a long term role in the company.
Work and most company business will be conducted through electronic means and you will have to work from home. You can work your own hours, as long as the work is completed and on schedule.

An interview and test will need to be completed to help us decide if you are someone we would like to bring on into the business with us. Interview will be done through skype.

If this seems like an opportunity you are interested in, please contact me via private message and then I can send you my phone and email so we can talk further. I request only those that are serious about this opportunity to reply.