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Powers for seven deadly sins ?

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Raven roth, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Raven roth

    Raven roth New Member

    Hello every one !
    In my story seven deadly sins are my MC .
    They were the first fallen angels .
    So I was looking for fitting powers !
    So far I come with this ( keep that in mind that each power has a drawback since they are sins )
    Pride : light and illusions .
    Drawback : can only transform the existing light
    Greed : alchemy
    Drawback : you cant gain more . there will be always equility between what you gain and what you sacrefice .
    Envy : shapeshifting
    Drawback : There will be always a detail missing - time limit
    Gluttony : ?
    Sloth : ?
    lust : ?
    wrath :?
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  2. CupofJoe

    CupofJoe Myth Weaver

    Well the obvious one to my eyes is...
    Lust and the power of Fertility.
    Lust can make bare rock sprout flowers. The draw back could be that for every good year there has to be a fallow/bad year or the fertility is taken from nearby.
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  3. Orc Knight

    Orc Knight Auror

    Sloth- Go Snorlax, slow and powerful hitting and a chance of rage.
    Drawback- Well, clearly not a morning person and in order to get these bursts, lot's of down time.

    Gluttony- Is it's own drawback. Kind of like Sloth, in order to do any awesome powers means it has to always need energy in some form and must have food and drinks to counterpoint it.

    Granted, not exactly powers but possibly something to work with.
  4. Raven roth

    Raven roth New Member

    Thanks .
    It is a great idea .
  5. Raven roth

    Raven roth New Member

    Thanks for answering .
    You made good points about both of them .
    They will come in handy .
  6. WooHooMan

    WooHooMan Auror

    I swear we’ve had this thread before. Might be worth looking through the catalogue.

    Anyways, something that’s worth mentioning is that lust doesn’t necessarily need to relate to sexuality - it refers to a strong physical want for something. Hence: “lust for power” and “bloodlust” and so forth.
    Likewise, gluttony doesn’t necessarily relate to eating. It refers to keeping something from others, kind of. Hoarding, basically.
    So those two vices tend to allow for more options than most people are aware of.

    It has also been said that gluttony, lust and greed are based in excessive love (“love” in this case not really being romantic love but rather something more divine and mystical). Then wrath, envy and pride are based in “love” subverted to malicious ends. And sloth is deficient “love”.
    If there is a specific form in which magic works, you can use that method to determine your characters powers or limitations. For example, if shape shifting is the only form of magic in the setting, you can have your characters having limitations based on their sins like the sloth guy can only shapeshift into smaller beings, gluttony/wrath/greed can only become bigger monsters and the other three remain humanoid but different.
    So maybe you should pick a specific form of magic for your seven and then break that form up into seven specific types/uses.

    Going off the theme of perception-based magic (which would, in theory, tie neatly into the psychological nature of vices), I would suggest...
    Pride - manipulate a person perception of the user, they can appear to be whoever they want.
    Gluttony - I don’t know - maybe the inverse of pride, they effect how people see themselves.
    Sloth - can force people not to see things, make things appear to be invisible or intangible.
    Greed - good mirages, make people perceive things the way the victims wants to see things.
    Wrath - bad mirages, make people see what those people don’t want to see.
    Envy - nobody sees them as they really are. The user only appears to others as someone beautiful, powerful or admirable. The user has no control over how others see them.
    Lust - standard hypnosis. Very powerful against the weak-minded but impotent to the more logical and rational person.
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  7. Raven roth

    Raven roth New Member

    Wow , thats a creative idea .
    Thank you :)
    I am aware of the other concepts and use them a lot in my story to show that sins are not all that different . For example gluttony , greed ad lust are similiar yet different .
    I liked your ideas a lot , thanks again .
  8. K.S. Crooks

    K.S. Crooks Inkling

    Here's my take,
    Pride : Can take over the minds of others
    Drawback : When doing so their body is completely vulnerable
    Greed : move at super speed
    Drawback : Requires vast amounts of food and/or rest between using power
    Envy : shapeshifting
    Drawback : There will be always a detail missing - time limit
    Gluttony : Siphon energy from sources such as fire, light, or life force
    Drawback: the more energy siphoned causes them to age faster until they release the energy and go back to normal
    Sloth: Can puppeteer people
    Drawback: Has no power when no one is present or against someone with strong enough will.
    lust : Can manipulate the emotions of others
    Drawback: Feels physical pain for every emotion they alter.
    wrath : strength fueled by the rage or hate of others
    Drawback : the more strength they gain the less control they have

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