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  1. R.B.

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    That last one's pretty funny.
  2. Firefly

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    -Confetti/glitter spell. Perfect for wizards who want to be dramatic, less perfect for whoever has to clean the carpet
    - Spell that switches around everything's colors so that the sky is pink and sheep are green. Could be more interesting if it were something more specific, like "all utensils are bright blue, except for sporks"
    -Dyslexia curse that makes you incapable of understanding writing.
    -Spell that establishes a permanent telepathic link with a random person. Or animal.
    -The words you write change when you write them down. (Could be as harmless as synonyms switching,once the meaning of everything you say, make things rhyme, or just turn everything to gibberish.)
    -Curse that only lets you wear the color black
    -Curse that makes everything you eat taste like cinnamon.
    -Curse that turns animals into furniture and vice-versa.
    -Curse that makes you automatically fall asleep at sundown and wake up at sunrise, no matter what you're doing. Or, alternatively on some other trigger, such as hearing a certain name of smelling a certain type of soup.
    -Fires only light when you say please.

    I could probably think of more, but I should probably make myself stop now. Chaotic magic systems are my favorie, I think they're so much more fun than the ones that are super dry and technical.

    Oh, and I particularly love this one:
  3. EponasSong

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    Every time the character sneezes, a volcano will errupt.
  4. DragonOfTheAerie

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    I was coming up with weird superpowers and thought of a person who can light things on fire by swearing at them.
  5. Ben Bryant

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    How about these?:
    -An attraction spell that's always a little bit off. For example, attract bullets causes the case to fly across to the target while the bullets stay put.
    -Flight/levitation, but the user can only go up- they have to use a ladder or something to get back down.
    -Spontaneous solar flare-with very unpredictable, but usually destructive results.
  6. Sheilawisz

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    There is something else quite curious about Magic in my Alice into Darkness story.

    All Mages in that world are capable of creating almost any object out of nowhere, and that includes all variety of food and drinks. You would think that this power would be extremely useful so the Mage Queens could provide unlimited food for their armies in combat, but... only Mages can enjoy magical food safely, so it's not for the ordinary folks!

    Magical food is delicious, chemically identical to natural food and full of nutrients, but the fact remains that it was created by Magic and that cannot be changed. If ordinary people eat or drink any of that, well... it's absolutely lethal.

    At first nothing bad would happen, but a few days later you fall sick with something similar to severe radiation poisoning and that's all.

    Even the legendary Queen Amethyst depends on vast reserves of natural food if she wants her armies to fight and win a war, logistics remain critically important and this aspect of Magic is unique to that story in particular. In other stories of mine, ordinary folks can eat magical food and nothing bad happens to them.
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    I know someone that would probably kill to get that ability if it was real...
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