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Weird Spells & Powers


The Forbidden Kingdom:

Premise: A magic system where toenails are used as fuel for magic power.

Once hitting puberty, the powers and spell efficacy of these magic users become evident; but in exchange for use, the toenails of these magic users would begin to recede and dissolve--A large spell may use up half of a normal healthy toenail--so they have the use of a pretty potent magic but only if abstaining from using magic for a long time; weeks or months would be necessary to recover lost toenails for a single big spell.

The world is ruled by the masters, their magical prowess demonstrated in their youth, they are held in a privileged light and protected to allow their toenails to grow to monsterous sizes. Curling, grey, crippling and disgusting, tree-bark-like toenails that visually display their potential magic power, keep the peace between nations similar to the mutually assured destruction doctrine of nuclear stockpiles.

Now, the main storyline depicts a heartfelt tale of a dwarf's love for an oger princess, ogres known for their magnificent strong toenails (and alluring tusks ofc), and dwarfs known for their brilliantly sturdy nature and magnificent beards, they're a perfect match, but this love is forbidden.

Thus a dwarf heir to the dwarven throne, having toenails way too long and hideous to walk properly, betrays his birthright by trimming his toenails for the love of his ogress, and similarly she trims her toenails to be able to meet him in secret. Their unholy union creates a race of half-dwarven ogres who not only have magnificent beards but the most robust toenails and the most beautiful dainty tusks, thus making them the most powerful and beautiful magicians of all the races, but they refuse to force their royalty to have hideous long toenails, opting for peaceful resolutions and strong trade relations for their political power.

A new champion is born, one who is driven by the tale of love to unite the dwarven and ogre nations to live in peace and remove this hideous tradition of toenail stockpiling by the ruling class. The ever present danger of toenail Armageddon must not continue!


The Snail-folk of Narniah (not to be confused with Narnia, totally different, no relation)

This race of peaceful folk are attacked by a race of frog-folk for their beautiful tortoise-shell like shells and meat. So they develope a spell to create a mass of bubbles to repel the frog-folk and it works at first but the frog-folk surround their nation with salt! In effect starving them out and forcing them to deplete their magic to protect themselves from their salt related afflictions.

But the frog folk didn't expect the snail-folk had hardened, abandoning their peaceful ways and began magically breeding slug-champions, an unholy clan of vicious carnivors who counter attack by infiltrating and gorging themselves on the frog-folk egg nurseries. Before the frog-folk could react, they'd lost the majority of their next generation and and a peace-pact is neigh unthinkable.

Thus a froglin prince and a sluglin princess are caught in the balance between these warring nations. Can they forge a new way between their opposing clans and give birth to the hero that can unite them all through forbidden love and unholy magic?


Talking junk mail spell. No paper, just an invisible spell that passes through your letterbox to drive you nuts.


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I've always thought it would be interesting to have a "Legion" type power, where the person lives through other people, but with a caveat that they have no control over who or how long they are in each person.