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Skyrim - tell us about your character

Discussion in 'Games' started by Black Dragon, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Janga

    Janga Minstrel

    Ha, that's awesome you roleplay the game that well. Great backstory!
  2. Neurosis

    Neurosis Minstrel

    I have a dark elf who I made as scarred and scrawny as possible -- he basically wanders around casting master level destruction spells at anything that moves, and damn the consequences.
  3. MorpheusZero

    MorpheusZero Acolyte

    Nord Two-Handed Warrior with Heavy Armor. I have this on PS3 though, as some of you may know was the worst release out of all the versions. It has a problem where the game saves gradually get bigger after each save making it harder to save and load the further you progress in the game. I got to about level 37 before it would no longer allow me to even load my saved game anymore--forcing me to start over with a new character. I hope Bethesda can fix this issue!
  4. Philip Overby

    Philip Overby Staff Article Team

    Finally got Skyrim after waiting forever. You guys who live someone where you can just go to the store to buy things, be thankful. Finding an English version of Skyrim in Japan (especially for the maligned Xbox 360 which for some reason gets no love here) is impossible, so I ordered it from Amazon and got special super priority shipping.

    So I made the bearded, burly, scary Nord with a battle axe which seems to be popular. I haven't played it much because my Xbox has been red ringing a lot recently so it's probably going to crap out again. So I may have to buy a new console.

    My first impressions are that it's awesome already. I can't wait to really get into it. Sometimes I make several characters until I find one that I'm really happy with and then go with that one the first go around.

    I figure I'll make some other characters before I sink into it full-blown. For now I'll just blood-splatter with my barbarian. Yargh!
  5. Black Dragon

    Black Dragon Staff Administrator

    I've heard about people having problems, but thankfully we've been spared. My wife and I both have characters in the high 40s, and our PS3 hasn't had any issues with the game.

    We did have a backwards flying dragon roaming around, though. It was hilarious, especially because as it flew overhead all of the local wildlife ran up to me and stood there, waiting to be killed. I harvested a lot of souls then. This was fixed in the last patch.
  6. Jabrosky

    Jabrosky Banned

    I have a Level One Redguard character named Hzaru, but I haven't done much with her yet.
  7. Currently I am playing thru as a Wood Elf named Amarice. She's got short red hair and a dramatic scar across her left eye - both of which are white. She also has a tattoo on her face. Her primary weapon is a non-magical bow. Close combat she'll either wield dual axes or an axe and shield. Thus far she's taken out 20 dragons and found about 18 shouts. Her favorites thus far are the Ice Form Thu'um and the Storm Call Thu'um. She's not much of a magic wielder, with the exception of healing, but she carries so many healing potions - she forgets she can heal herself magically. She can carry up to 500lbs at the moments, so potions aren't that much of a load anymore.

    She sneaks most of the time and has her hands in a lot of pockets (and locks). She's not much of an enchanter, but she does a fair amount of smithing in her downtime. Prefering to wear light armor, she is currently wearing the Thieve's Guild armor, the Dark Brotherhood shoes and gauntlets. Instead of a cowl or helmet, she wears a Circlet of Major Archery (which improves her skill by 20%). She varies her necklaces and rings, but she always keeps her Waterbreathing ring handy (as well as the Deft Hands ring). Since she sells almost 90% of her treasures, she also carries the Mask of Clavius Vile and has quite the silver-tongue. She is still trying to improve her speech skill so she can start investing in shops.

    She has 3 homes - Whiterun, Markarth, and Riften of which she keeps speciality items in each home. Her first time having someone out on an adventure with her, they were killed. By her, for jumping in the way. Another follower was sacrified to Boethia. Since then, she prefers to adventure on her own.

    Though she looks fierce, she always help anyone who asks for it and gives money regularly to the beggars on the street. She has not chosen to support either the Imperials or the Stormcloaks at this point and is slowly making her presence known in the Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, the College of Winterhold, and helping out The Companions. She visited the Greybeards, but has since moved on to help the Daedric Princes and the Divines, before continuing on the Way of the Voice.
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  8. mythique890

    mythique890 Sage

    I just started three days ago. I have a level 6 Breton named Kai, but I haven't been able to do much with her as my husband has been off work and spends most of his time on the Xbox refusing to share. So far I've only done one quest (the one with the Golden Claw) because I really like wandering around in the wilderness by myself shooting things with arrows. My archery and sneak are my strongest skills. I use sneak mostly because I like to know if I've been detected. That way I don't jump as high when a pair of wolves comes at me.

    A confession: this is the first RPG I've played, and I'm really enjoying it. I'm hoping my husband gets back to work soon so I can play it during nap/quiet time. :D Besides, he's already beaten it and is back to playing MW3 and Battlefield 3.
  9. I've been playing a few weeks now, as a High Elf, sneaking up on people with invisibility and then dual casting firebolt to stagger them till death :) Wearing dragon-scale armour, enchanted to remove the cost of destruction and restoration completely. Also have a set of elf armour to remove the cost of conjuration and illusion. Both sets don't exactly look fantastic, though I got the set of nightingale armour yesterday and plan to use a mod to get it in its unenchanted version, (which I can then stick my destruction and restoration freebie enchantments on).

    Elder Scroll games have a habit of bringing out my geeky side, unfortunately.
  10. void141

    void141 Dreamer

    Imperial Marcus Magnus, wrongfully accused and brought to Skyrim to be executed. Feels betrayed by his own people and hates empire from the bottom of his heart. This hatred blackened his soul, so he started his new life among criminals and murderers thinking: "if already I was about to be executed, lets try and earn it." However, his heart is a heart of a good man, which is why he is constantly having second thoughts about his criminal quests. Eventually, the feeling of guilt will overwhelm him and he will start fighting for the salvation of the mankind, even if that means his death.
  11. Tamwen

    Tamwen Troubadour

    Astrid, Nord. While she's initially a bit... irritated about the whole "execution" thing, she's ultimately swayed by Hadvar to join the Legion, and over time comes to the conclusion that it's in Skyrim's best interest to remain with the Empire. At first she was sneakier. Once, she got through an entire dungeon sneaking with bows and arrows. Recently, she's started to take a more "bash 'em into little red bits" approach though, probably because she's becoming a badass and every time she fights, she ends up decapitating someone...

    She's been procrastinating a bit with the whole "Dovahkiin" thing. She joined the Companions and is currently the Harbinger. She joined the Legion and brought down the Stormcloak rebellion. She only just infiltrated the Thalmor party, and has just found that crazy old dude in Riften with the help of Marcurio, who already holds a special place in her heart and who she probably dramatically turned to when he wasn't paying attention and said, also dramatically, "You shall be mine!" (Seriously, that guy's a beast. I love him.)
  12. Calvarius Grey

    Calvarius Grey New Member

    Calvarius Grey, a breton born in daggerfall was always amazed by adventure, he wanted to see the world and be of myth and legend. his mother, a mage /healer, dies when he was 13, leaving him and his father to live in poverty. his dad was a basic guard, through his childhood he learned how to swing a sword and make potions. when his father dies at 23, he sets off. his first stop SKYRIM. he isnt aware of his mage powers, but he will realize it as the game goes on. im starting this rp tomarow.
  13. Dark Huntress

    Dark Huntress Scribe

    One of my characters, actually my favorite of the three that I have, is a Battlemage. More battle than mage. She doesnt really care if the empire wins the war or not, neither side will benefit her. Yet she managed to get caught up in the roundup of insurgents by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    She's extremely selfish and her only motivation is how things affect her. However, all is not lost, she is an excellent swords woman and will help those she feels have been unjustly treated. She is an adventureous person and loves the thrill of stalking dragons although she hasn't yet discovered why she feels so powerful after killing one.

    She doesn't deny who she is and, if an opportunity comes up where her reward will be fame or treasure, she will drop whatever quest she happens to be currently on to pursue this new opportunity.

    She has no interest in the Champions however if they offer her enough rewards or the possibility of greater fame, she may reconsider.

    She originally ventured into Skyrim to join the Dark Brotherhood. Rumor had it that they were located here.
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  14. Ophiucha

    Ophiucha Auror

    I have more characters than I'd like to admit to having.

    Omrick is my current character. Nord. She was created for the express purpose of having a 'werewolf' playthrough. Downloaded a ton of mods to improve the experience, balance the werewolf better at higher levels, etc. Outside of werewolf combat, she's two-handed/light armour, with conjuration and archery on the side for support. Two-handed and light armour is an odd combination, but once you get the stamina perk for light armour, it makes for a fair challenge. She's obviously a Companion, not quite done with the storyline yet, and I used a quickstart so she would start in a Hunter's Camp near Helgen. Gave her a backstory, about how she saw the dragon fly overhead, and went to the Jarl... but not Balgruff. The one in Falkreath, since Helgen is technically in Falkreath Hold. She gets there, gets Barbas as a companion and gets the Ring of Hircine on her, too. Talks to the Falkreath Jarl, finds him useless, and then heads to the Jarl of Whiterun to tell him about the dragon.

    Orinthia is the character I played the longest, though I didn't do everything with her. Bosmer, full on archer. Like, she melee'd with a bow, bashing her foes and shooting them from a foot away if she had to. She started out as a thief. I made her sort of torn between good and evil, since she was devout to Kynareth (who created the Dragonborn) and felt she should be a 'hero thief', all that. I took to tossing gemstones in people's pockets and generally doing good deeds, but with a distinct sense of cynicism about the whole thing. She joins the Thieves Guild, all that, but avoids her destiny of being Dovahkiin by not going to High Hrothgar. Eventually, she gets wrapped up in the Dark Brotherhood and... kind of goes insane. Stats wise, she's got 100 Archery and 100 Sneak. She basically realizes she's invincible, and she's wealthy enough and connected enough (as Thane of every hold) to just pay off the guards for her crimes, presuming she's ever even caught. She slaughters everyone in every single city, only to realize there isn't anyone to fence her things to, so she 'reforms' and goes off to High Hrothgar.

    My other characters are mostly experiments. First character was Ophiucha, an Argonian, who was just my attempt to do everything. Completed all of the faction quests (even in the Mages College, at level 50, when nearly all of my magic stats were 15 or 20, unless I happened to read a skill book for one of them), did all that. I had a Dunmer-vampire (Olyvne), a 'good guy' Orc (Orbul), an armorless/Alteration battlemage Redguard (Onyeka), and I had a brief attempt at Imperial (Octavia) that ended with me finding the "Imperial Luck" thing made me entirely too rich entirely too early. I'm going to remake my Breton (Ophelia) into a Forsworn agent, as well.
  15. Linnorm

    Linnorm Dreamer

    I typically play Nords, mostly because my own heritage is Scandinavian. I like playing Redguards too. A lot of times, it seems I get my character up to the mid teens in levels before I say SCREW THIS! and start over. I thought of playing one game where I support the Stormcloaks, and another where I'm Imperial-minded. I'm not sure about doing the Companion quests all the way; not really comfortable about being a werewolf. I've yet to get past Diplomatic Immunity in the Main Quest. I started an Imperial character (referred to as a renegade) and a Dark Elf.

    My Nord is invariably named Erryk von Aenz (if you play Holy War or Tagoria by GameArt Studio GmbH, then you know who I am). Right now he's doing the Great Treasure Hunt--but I have yet to figure out how to get to Angi's Camp!
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  16. TheTdroid

    TheTdroid Dreamer

    Currently I am playing a Nord Crusader who focuses on Heavy Armor, Two-Handed and Restoration with Smithing, Destruction and Block as side skills.

    He wears a simple suit of Steel Plate Armor and wields a Steel Warhammer, despite being level 24. To augment his weak melee weapon, he wears a ring that gives him 13% more Two-Handed damage(standard, unfortified enchantment strength). Around his neck he has an Amulet of Stendarr.
  17. camradio

    camradio Scribe

    My first character was a Nord, wielding two axes and heavy armour. I found that this was two easy and got boring. It got to the point I could walk through a dungeon without attacking anything.

    The more recent character is a Khajiit assassin type character. Light armor and focused on archery. Most of the time a poisoned arrow would kill them before they knew what was going on. If the managed to get close I would use some illusion magic, disappear and either move back to arrow range or just finish it with two daggers. Much more fun.
  18. I have a lot of characters, but the first one I made and my "main" one is Saga Wyrm:


    She's a nord who grew up outside of Skyrim. As a young woman, she started traveling as an adventurer and decided to visit the homeland of her parents, ending up in trouble almost immediately.

    Saga is my "canon" Dragonborn. That is to say, even if all my Skyrim characters were to coexist in the same session, she is the offical heroine of the game. To date, she is the only one of my characters who have completed the main questline.

    My idea of her is that she is literally a dragon born in a human body, and as such she has a lot of dragon-like personality traits - she is individualistic, very aggressive and competative, extremely proud, somewhat greedy and obsessed with treasure, ambitious in search of personal power, and completely fearless. While being primarily a warrior, she is also something of a polymath and will try her hand at anything that strikes her fancy. She comes across as helpful and generous, but mainly because she doesn't see any reason to not help others. She is actually not terribly concerned about other people, seeing their various problems as curious puzzles to solve, and mostly acting out of self-interest. But at the same time, she is completely free of prejudice and will look out for anyone she considers a friend. She is a carefree spirit who adventures for the sake of adventure and fights for the sake of fighting.

    When designing a character I'm usually more concerned with style and aestetics than with performance. Thus, I usually won't have my characters wear the best armors or weapons. For Saga I was going for a kind of "female Link" type of look so as you can see, she typically doesn't wear a lot of armor. She specializes in One Handed and her weapon of choice is the Ghostblade, which I have used for most of the game.

    Saga is currently Level 62 and has recently been exploring Solstheim as part of the Dragonborn DLC.
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  19. Mindfire

    Mindfire Istar

    I have, for now, lost my original Skyrim character, Shakha'Khan the Khajiit, to a red-ringed xbox 360. However, I now play Skyrim on PC.

    My current character is a High Elf named Rivaltor. Rivaltor is a both consummate scholar and a stalwart adventurer. (Think Indiana Jones.) For the most part he wants nothing more than to be left alone with his books and scrolls, but he also enjoys venturing out into the wilderness of Skyrim to explore its crypts, caverns, and ancient ruins. Rivaltor fled his ancestral home in the Summerset Isles for two reasons. First, because he got sick of the Thalmor regime and their racist propaganda. While Rivaltor does have shades of the arrogance that High Elves are known for, he's largely benevolent and doesn't believe in the the Thalmor's true agenda: genocide. Not to mention the Thalmor, like every other totalitarian regime that's ever existed, don't exactly treat their own people well. Second, Rivaltor left because of his increasingly insufferable family, who greatly disapproved of his (purely academic) interest in daedra and daedric artifacts and were vocal Thalmor supporters.

    Rivaltor traveled to Skyrim, hoping to join the College of Winterhold out of a desire for peace and solitude so that he could continue his work without the constant power struggles and political games that plagued other mage factions like the Synod and the College of Whispers. Shortly after crossing the border from Cyrodiil to Skyrim, Rivaltor was ambushed by a band of Stormcloaks who assumed he was a Thalmor. After stealing his clothes and all his possessions, including his identification papers, they intended to execute him. However, Rivaltor managed to escape do to a serendipitous bear attack. Unfortunately, he was arrested shortly thereafter by Imperial soldiers and taken to Helgen. When Helgen was attacked by the dragon Alduin, Rivaltor seized his chance and escape execution with the help of a Nord named Ralof. After traveling together to the village of Riverwood, the two parted amicably and went their separate ways. It was due in part to his experience with Ralof that Rivaltor came to accept the Nord's belief in Talos as the 9th divine. He now openly wears an Amulet of Talos during his travels.

    Rivaltor left Riverwood to inform the Jarl of Whiterun of the dragon attack, and since then his life has been full of adventurous detours from his original mission. However he absolutely refused to get involved on either side of Skyrim's civil war. He refused to aid the Imperials out of disdain for their pact with the Thalmor and also refused to aid the Stormcloaks out of disdain for their leader, Ulfric, who unlike Ralof, was almost as racist as the Thalmor. While discovering his newfound power and responsibility as the Dragonborn, Rivaltor joined the Bard's College of Solitude and also fulfilled his desire to join the College of Winterhold, graduating quickly due to his sharp mind and sheer magical talent. He was swiftly elected archmage after the previous holder of that title died amid unusual circumstances. Along the way, Rivaltor fell in love with another student at the college, a Dark Elf named Brelyna Maryon who fascinated him with her sparkling personality, beautiful face (by Elf standards), and ruby-red eyes. The two were married not long after Rivaltor's promotion to arch-mage. Brelyna followed Rivaltor on many of his adventures and the two fought side by side together against rogue wizards, the undead, dragons, and the occasional mudcrab. Desiring a more private residence for himself and his wife, Rivaltor bought a small house in Whiterun and the two moved in, making occasional trips to the College or out into Skyrim's wilderness on archaeological expeditions.

    Eventually, Rivaltor and Brelyna decided to start a family. On account of the low Elf birth rate (nature's way of balancing out their long life spans), they decided to adopt two girls: a homeless girl named Lucia and Runa Fair-Shield, a child from Riften's Honorhall Orphanage. It quickly became obvious that their small house in Whiterun wasn't enough for a family of four (not to mention their housecarl, Lydia), so Rivaltor bought them a larger home in Solitude, Proudspire Manor, leaving their previous home in Lydia's care. Now a family man, Rivaltor was determined to make Skyrim a better place for his children, freeing its lands from bandits, witches, hagravens, and even the Dark Brotherhood. Brelyna seldom accompanied on his journeys after the children were adopted. It was good for the girls to have their mother around. Occasionally though, Rivaltor would take Brelyna with him on an adventure, for old times sake, leaving their new housecarl, Jordis the Sword-Maiden, to watch the kids.

    Rivaltor is currently splitting his time between serving as husband, father, archmage, adventurer, and thane. He is also loosely affiliated with the Greybeards of High Hrothgar and the newly reformed Blades, now stationed in the secret Sky Haven Temple. Recently, Rivaltor was attacked by a strange cultist who accused him of being a false dragonborn. Rivaltor intends to find out who's behind the assassination attempt. Just as soon as he looks into those rumors concerning a new group of vampire hunters who call themselves "the Dawnguard."

    Picture of Rivaltor coming soon. :)
  20. TheokinsJ

    TheokinsJ Troubadour

    Just got the Dovahkiin DLC, it's amazing! Going back to Morrowind is so refreshing and different from the skyrim-landscape, can't wait to play more!

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