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Skyrim - tell us about your character

Discussion in 'Games' started by Black Dragon, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. ALB2012

    ALB2012 Maester

    Just restarted playing. I had a high-elf mage/thief before and this character is an imperial mage/thief. (Yes I like mages and thieves ok) The last character didn't really pick a side but I am going to try the imperial line this time.
  2. PlotHolio

    PlotHolio Sage

    I'm an alt-o-holic and a mod-o-holic. I restart my game all the time.
  3. Ophiucha

    Ophiucha Auror

    I just started with a new character. Oihana, a wood elf. She is a necromancer/archer, with perks allocated to alchemy, sneak, illusion, conjuration, archery, and pickpocket (I may put a few into restoration just for 'Necromage'). Pretty much purely evil, this character. She recently became a vampire for no reason other than the sweet Illusion perk. Her sneak is high enough that I usually go unarmoured (wearing robes of some sort), but I do like to don the Nightingale armour from time to time and I love wearing the special Forsworn armour you get if you side with them in Markarth - it's very sexy. She is usually wearing Namira's ring for the stamina boost (I put most of my points into Magicka), but I must admit I sometimes have an impromptu feast once I've cleared a room. I am a vampire, so it's not weird. Bow is usually just the conjured one, but I carry around the unique ones for special occasions (the one you get from the Dawnguard expansion is quite nice). I have a bit of a soft spot for Angi's Bow, just because it's the only skill-training you can do where you actually have to do some sort of training.

    I still play my two-handed/light armour werewolf/Nord character, as well. That character is a ton of fun; I'll just boot up her save and go hunting whenever I need to let out a fast and furious sort of playstyle.
  4. nitoincog

    nitoincog Acolyte

    my character is an imperial battle mage with modified Blades armor (using potion and smithing method) so its just as good as daedric. his backstory is as follows After contracting Sanguinare Vampiris he flees to skyrim to find a cure and after surviving a dragon attack joins the blades in a quest to defeat alduin. After which he then travels to the college of winterhold to find a cure, and after various quests and hours of research cures himself and stops a plot that would have destroyed nirn. He is currently fighting against a group of vampires plotting to take over the world.

    His primary skills are restoration, conjuration, enchanting, destruction, heavy armor, one-handed, and smithing.
  5. Mindfire

    Mindfire Istar

    I promised pictures of Rivaltor and here they are! I have one of him in his old set of enchanted elven armor, one with his shiny new set of enchanted glass armor, and one with his sagely archmage's robes.



  6. Well I'm a real story-maker, so brace yourself.

    Bailey is a Breton, stocky, dark-bearded and balding. He has a both a perceptive serious approach to things, and a warm, witty humour. Magic is his main weapon, being neither agile nor enduring in combat. His main focus is destruction, often fire based, and to a lesser extent alteration, dabbling in conjuration also. He is especially fond of mead. Bailey has warm humanity in his interactions, but also a quiet fascination. He is interested in old knowledge, and magic, and his curiosity for power and old secrets often comes into conflict with his wise awareness that some things are best left buried. In combat he is wily and tenacious, always with tricks up his sleeve, sacrificing armour for robes and jewellery to enhance his magicka.

    The nature of how Bailey became destined for the executioner's block remains a mysterious secret to all but himself. After his escape he began training with the Greybeards, and has a great interest in exploring the land of Skyrim. As the dragon crisis unfolded he learned many shouts, and also enrolled at the college of Winterhold to train as a mage. As a Dragonborn he could not bring himself to kill Parthonax, and parted ways with the Blades. By the time of Alduin's defeat he had become the arch-mage of the college, where he spent much time collecting knowledge and magical artefacts. After the end of the dragon crisis Bailey chose to abstain from the civil war as much as he could. Currently unmarried and keeping a wary eye on the war, Bailey continues his projects and expeditions, dividing his time between his colleagues at Winterhold, and Whiterun, where he owns a holiday house. Having made a lot of money from his exploits, Bailey often gives to charity and spends on his magical pursuits, as well as renovating his house. He maintains good friendships with Parthonax and the Greybeards, the Jarl of Whiterun, and the people of Winterhold.
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  7. Firekeeper

    Firekeeper Troubadour

    I still have not yet played Skyrim, though I want to. I got burned out on consoles after having two 360's die on me within the course of a year. I know they have been made to where they don't crap out like that anymore, but I'm still apathetic. I'll probably get another one though eventually, mainly because I want this game so bad.

    I can say that in all other Eldar Scrolls games, I prefer being a High Elf mage with Destruction and Alteration as high as I can get them. I know a lot of people don't care for high elves, but I am badass with them. In Oblivion I created my own spell that was did both fire and ice damage, and it could kill pretty much anything with one or two hits. I'm usually very weak in hands on battle, to the point I often don't even carry a sword.

    I often play as a khajiit (sp?) too. I'm a furry so there's just something awesome about running around as an anthro cat. When I'm a khajiit I do the typical stealthy thief archetype. My khajiit in Morrowind was so athletic I could jump the canal in Balmora without using the bridge.

    So basically I never do up close battling with swords and stuff, I'm either a mage who runs away when my will is depleted or a thief who tries to avoid battle altogether. I've tried the big beefy warrior but always die a lot and get pissed and give up. I'm just not that kind of player.
  8. JRFLynn

    JRFLynn Sage

    Haven't played in a while, but I have three main characters at the time being:

    Fyrenza- A high elf wizard specializing in destruction
    Kindraza-A khajiit assassin, expert archer, with some magic proficiency.
    Selma- Heavy Orc with a greatsword, smacks dragons dead.

    There's a bunch of alts too, have yet to beat the game. Just isn't enough time for all the fun things I like to do, bleh.
  9. Rinzei

    Rinzei Troubadour

    My main is a continuation of sorts of my char from Oblivion. That was a Wood Elf named Ethrele Thelus - this a Wood Elf named Ethrenwy Thelus, her granddaughter. Favours dual-wielding swords, favourite spell is Conjure Flame Atronach. She remains neutral on the whole Civil War thing - not her problem. While she aligns with Good for the most part, she is not opposed to winning favour with the Daedric Princes, as her grandmother wasn't either.



    The above two are with mods, but I did start her before I installed any, so, here is she in Vanilla:

    I've tried a few new chars off and on, but none of have really stuck yet, so I don't think any of them have gone past Riverwood yet.
  10. Chessie

    Chessie Guest

    Fun thread! I have the same Skyrim characters I've had since the game came out. I'm heavy into the roleplay and get rather attached to my characters so...yeah. :) I rotate these gals, playing one for a few weeks, then the next. I play on pc with some juicy mods.

    Sylmirie, Altmer conjurer. COW, Civil War, Main Quest, plus Dlcs. Married to Aicantar. Lives in Markarth. She is a scholar with her focus being on Dwarven and Nordic ruins. Part of her story is that she was an apprentice to Calcelmo before she married Aicantar and helps run his museum.

    Felina Imhatius, Imperial, Dovahkiin, Listener to the Night Mother, necromancer, illusionist, one-handed, specializes in poisons. Light armor, sneak. Married to Onmund, their family resides part of the year in Windhelm and their house in the marsh.

    Lieth, the Bosmer. Companion (recently cured werewolf), Thieve's Guild, Main Quest. This is my archer character with one-handed, sneak, light and heavy armor. Married to Vilkas. They reside at Lakeview Manor and Riften.
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  11. Forgot how much I love this game so I created a new character.

    This time I'm playing an Argonian called Juleeus. His backstory is that he was born onto the streets with no family, and the only people who looked out for him were beggars and thieves. Because of this can have a shaky sense of morality. He was captured and sent to Helgen after he was found to have been stealing food over a long period from an Imperial noble, and was sent to the execution purely for simplicity. After escaping the dragon attack, he joined up with the thieves guild, as they were the few who took him in, and he had limited job opportunities. The story of the main quest will probably be about his redemption in a way, as he grows into the Dragonborn he realises that he can make a difference, and that exploiting people isn't the only way to survive. While not politically minded, he carries resentment against the Imperial forces in Skyrim. He's mainly the thief build, with focus on sneak, archery, unarmed, and block.
  12. Master_Hyperion

    Master_Hyperion New Member

    My main character is a dark elf Mage, Lelldorin, who was trying to cross the border to Skyrim to look for work when he was captured by the empire and sent to Helgen. After he escaped with Ralof, he started on his journey. Largely shunning his future as the Dragonborn, he went (in a roundabout sort of way) to the college, where he soon became archmage and found his calling - fire magic. He's a kind of amoral person - perfectly happy to do deals with daedra as well as burn them, pickpocketing, stealing anything valuable, that sort of thing. When he got boring, I moved on to Darnak (yeah, I'm bad at names).
    Darnak is a surprisingly dainty Orc (yeah, that took a while to get it right) and, in an effort to prove herself to her tribe in Orsinium, made her way to Skyrim. She uses a battle axe, which was a change for me, normally I like being a Mage. But the prospect of going around killing people with a massive axe was too tempting.
  13. Warrioress

    Warrioress Scribe

    I'm still on my first play through.
    (spoilers if you have not completed the main quest)
    My character is Aerona, redguard who used a varied selection of one handed weapons until I settled on l ebony swords, mostly dual wielded until I need a healing spell in one hand. She also uses the bow but is not nearly as proficient with it as the sword.
    Backstory, she grew up on a stud farm in the Hammerfell desert and was crossing the border to sell horses when she was arrested..
    Stealth is something she is enjoys but not as much as a full on fight. She's also an assassin, her morals are somewhat unusual, since she will kill as an assassin yet feels remorse for every life she takes and she has never stolen from any honorable person. She leans towards the Imperials in the civil war but has yet to choose sides properly, still unsure how is really in the right.
    She will try her best not to kill dragons any more by using the bend will shout as she believes them to be magnificent creatures. She will not kill werewolves or vampires either unless provoked but had recently joined the Dawnguard hoping to better protect people from them in general. She has never married but has adopted too girl's to raise as her own, giving them gifts of wooden swords and daggers to teach them how to defend yourselves.
    She really enjoys nothing more than riding through Skyrim taking in the sights that or riding a Dragon through the night sky under the Aurora.
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  14. PriceyXD

    PriceyXD New Member

    Well I have had many play throughs but my first serious one Alexia (or something like that) she loved to get in a fight but would sneakily try to shoot her enemies until alerted, she would fight with a Stalhrim axe in one hand and an Ebony axe in the other.
    She was an original companion member and fought well among the others, soon after though she became an assassin killing her targets swiftly but brutally. She was tempted to join the Thieves guild but instead she murdered many of them and escaped, she didn't like thieves even though she was one! Soon after she joined the Imperial army to fend off the racist rebels, Alexia believes in equality for everyone whether that means she has to kill some fools or persuade everyone that speaks against her.
    She was my first, and best, badass character that I had and I would love to play as her once again! :) [ the memories :cry: ] :D
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  15. Miskatonic

    Miskatonic Auror

    My character is the typical dual wield barbarian type that goes looking for carnage. Nothing all that interesting. :)
  16. Ban

    Ban Sir Laserface Article Team

    Long, long ago there was a character named Wrotar. Wrotar was a dual scimitar orc, who had only two goals. Kill everything and eat butterflies.

    Since Wrotar I have made many more characters, who were all a hundred times more complex than simple Wrotar. To this day however, I think Wrotar was the best character I have ever made. Eat butterflies in Sovngarde you crazy orc.

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