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Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Publishing

To all writers--not just fantasy, but sci-fi, historical, mystery, and even non-fiction--I'd highly recommend you check out the e-book below.


It's not my book, so it's not shameless self-promotion. It's a book written by someone who self-published everything he wrote, and it made him fairly wealthy for an indie author.

The book takes you from start to finish, and helps you navigate the process. From writing to structure to marketing to sales, the book has it all. I'd give it six stars if there was a rating scale!

Caged Maiden

Article Team
I spent all day yesterday reading this. Thanks for posting. I hired an editor. This is very good advice and it's put across very easy to understand, even for those of us who always KNEW they were going to go the traditional route. I may decide to stick with it and try to impress the pants off an agent in the future, but for RIGHT NOW, I've realized an agent is probably not going to take a chance on me without some sort of track record. Time to get my stand alone novel professionally edited and once that's done, I can either query it again or I can self-publish it to begin making waves. The problem is, I've taken the editing as far as I possibly can on my own. My betas have some conflicting advice and I'm not experienced enough to distinguish which way would be the right one. Time I put that into the hands of a professional.

The comprehensive way this book goes from step to step is really nice. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to self-publish or to anyone who isn't having the luck they anticipated in the traditional publishing market.


Hi andy.peloquin,

Thank you for posting this. If I ever finish writing my WIP, this could be very useful! :)

From what I've read so far, it seems that self-publishing is a good option.