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Jorginho is gGod?

...no, gGod is a guy with the name Agora.

Jorginho is a kid who has several animals as avatars. One of these animals is a Greenbottle Fly. And, when Jorginho puts his hoody on he is the fly [the hoody he puts on is the head of a fly]. And he flies away but his body as a kid stays where he was -- only his eyes, let's say, leave; that is, his sight. Also as a fly, Jorginho is able to see nearly 360 degrees [there's a dead spot behind his head], so since the universe is a big rectangle planet, like a brick, in his place at the Tablet Tree, which is one corner of the Universe, Jorginho Frangipani is able to see at once half the Universe.

Jorginho on the Tablet Tree

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gGod is a guy with the name Agora

What? Why have we been talking about him then? How did we go from if we fix gGod we could fix Koshie, to gGod is just a guy?

I am not sure I can help you. You seem incapable of answering a question in a way that does not add more confusion.
What? Why have we been talking about him then? How did we go from if we fix gGod we could fix Koshie, to gGod is just a guy?.

In my #1 post I said, "I used to be inclined to change the heart of gGod with reason and I still feel that way. ...But with a Collective Journey, I lean more towards, Let's save Koschei's Egg".

And, I still haven't decided yet which way to go.

There's many ways to fix gGod or Koschei. As many ways as there are characters. Each one knowingly or not, it's part of the solution. The two options, here, at the top are at the moment my own deepest yearnings, me, the author.

To change the heart of gGod with reason, that's Jorginho Frangipani way to fix the problem. ...to fix Koschei would be everybody contributing with their own ways, thus making it, a Collective Journey. (My apologies to Jeff Gomez if I haven't got it right yet!)

Yes, anybody (I mean, us humans) would say, this fella gGod, seems like a normal human being, like just a guy. But, he's not! Without this guy would be no story, no planet or Universe ...no Koschei to fix or a guy to save named Agora -- who is actually gGod.
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This is where I stand now (in my World Building):

What needs to be fixed, the Koschei's Egg, or the Black Emotion of gGod???

egg = fish (peixe) = the known universe = Yang/reason.
emotion = water (água) = the unknowable = Yin/emotion.

Note: To complicate things, there's also, The Middle Way*.
* The Middle Way: Faith Grounded in Reason by The Dalai Lama (2014).

Then, again, faith/emotion grounded in reason = change the heart [emotion] of gGod with reason:unsure:.

Eventually I'll figure that out.
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Subtitle -- The emotion (of fear) will overcome and crash reason.

Note: The parallelepiped (paving stone) is the Universe that in my Storyworld is a solid planet.
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Jorginho's path is, The Middle Way, for three reasons:

  1. Jorginho walks through The Middle Of The Universe,
  2. The Left Side Of The Universe (Yang) and The Right Side Of The Universe (Yin) are Jorginho's sidekicks,
  3. Jorginho carries the Four Grams of Reason (Yang) to add to gGod's Heart (Yin).

As a Greenbottle Fly (that is, one of Jorginho's avatar), he can be on the Frontier of the Dark Emotion and also meet with all the other heroes in Koschei's Egg.

As Frangipani (Jorginho's Last Name), he takes, All The Reason Of The Universe to the Coffin.

So, apparently, Jorginho has three missions!!! …And, that is, Three Plot Layers.
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