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Turn Season 3 spoiler time

Here are my thoughts as I watch Turn:

--Gross, that dude's head just popped off.

--Damn, I love that theme song!

--Show: "Where's my pistol?" Incoherent mumbling Me: "What the hell did he just say?"

--Benedict Arnold, I know you're an American traitor but why do you gotta be a square-jawed tool-bag too?

--Aside from me: This show needs more rapping.

--Angry Arnold is a bigger douche than not Angry Arnold. I hate that guy.

--Simcoe! Creepy creeper from Creepersburg. I hate that guy!

--Simcoe is on the right trail Culper is not the dude's real name. Still wanna punch him in the face (Simcoe, not Culper, he's a pimp.)

--Robert Rogers is a good jerk bag. I like him. Lol, Squishy Worm. You kill that Andre!

--Major Hewlett go save the world from Kaiju not trying to keep the colonies in line/awkwardly proposing to a woman that is playing you! You're too good for her you gentleman soldier you!

--If you get queasy at the sight of a decomposing corpse you shouldn't have left him to rot.

--John Andre just got a kick to the junk with his summer fling getting engaged to Benedict "Toolbag" Arnold.

--Wow people back then were passive-aggressive.

--Robert is getting philosophical. Hell yeah, all men are created equal!

--Run like rabbits after planting that corpse all up in there.

--Uh-oh sexy times, writs of assistance, and a more angry Arnold.

--Whoa, Dad why you gotta be castin' some serious shade on your boy like that! End of episode, ass hats!

I love this show.