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Discussion in 'Games' started by Philip Overby, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. TheKillerBs

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    Er, it does if you wait for the Umayyads to become Hispania, though it might be difficult since the AI doesn't seem to form titular kingdoms to cheese the requirements. You'll be a vassal king of the Empire of Hispania. I think to pay fealty to the Carolingians these days you have to border them (in which case you probably don't need to pay fealty to them, since that means you've managed to take Navarra and take the fight to the Umayyads or the Carolingians have formed Francia or the HRE and they have the Umayyads against the ropes) so you're much better served allying with them instead.

    ETA: Converting to Sunni won't put you out of harm's way. The Muslims get plenty of CBs against other Muslims, though it will make you less of an inviting target when the Umayyads need to win holy wars to avoid a decadence revolt.
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  2. Gurkhal

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    I'm more worried about religious revocation of titles by the Umayyad ruler than anything if I should swear fealty. But like I said, in my games the Carolingians usually fracture themselves to hell and over the top of the world, so its me and the Celts in Brittany who goes to fight the Umayyads.

    True that converting to Sunni won't be a failsafe but I figured it would put me out of way for waves of holy wars by various emirs. And the wars to lower decadence, as you mentioned.
  3. TheKillerBs

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    Become powerful enough and the emperor will be bending over backwards to keep you happy and out of factions even if you're an infidel. At least it works for me as the Zoroastrian Duke of Tabriz in the 769 start. If you have Monks and Mystics (I think it's that one, anyway) you can falsely convert to Sunni and create a secret Catholic society and turn the Umayyads into Christians from within.
  4. Gurkhal

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    As part of my attempt to get into the 19th century mentality I will now make an attempt to finally finish Ultimate General: Civil War.This is probably the best American Civil War game that I've played a really nice experience. Not flawless, but really good.
  5. Antonius

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    Got a new PC lately so I tried out Black Desert - which is meh. Played a bit of Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 with some mods. But no new games have really caught my eyes yet.
  6. X Equestris

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    Got back into the Total War series lately. Currently playing a Baktria campaign. Easy enough so far, since most of my Eastern or Nomadic neighbors can't match Baktria's lovely hybrid roster.

    The only real issue I've had is dynasty wise. My king must be on his sixth wife by now; they keep dying of "natural causes" before they can have any children. At least my prince hasn't had that issue. Still, I'm a little worried about how thin my royal family is.
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  7. ChaoticanWriter

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    Destiny II.

    Lots of it. ... I really dig how grinding doesn't feel like grinding, and that the story is much less a derpy military shooter, and much more of a "space opera".
  8. Orc Knight

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    Been a while since I put anything up in here. Running about four games right now. Blood Bowl 2, Jurassic World Evolution, Fallout 4 and Inquisition Martyr. Finally got an Xbox One, so putting it to use.
  9. skip.knox

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    OK, time to confess. I've been playing Minecraft (PS4). I'm enjoying this way more than I imagined I would. It's a zen-like experience, requiring a fairly even level of attention and concentration, even when bad guys pop up. I've been trying to figure out why I enjoy it and I think it comes to this: persistence. In Minecraft, I can build things and they stay built. I can go from modest to large to grandiose and there's no penalty for being slow or starting things only to abandon them.

    Even the fighting part is occasional enough and simple enough, it doesn't require much thought. No combo moves to learn.

    Also, even though I love story-driven games, I'm enjoying this because there's no story line. I can drop in, drop out for any length of time without any loss of momentum or involvement. Just now, when I'm being pushed by a writing deadline, that's welcome.

    So, yeah. I play Minecraft. Wutsittoya?
  10. Saigonnus

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    I too have been multitasking at games. Mostly due to the wife’s exasperation at my beating games fairly quickly. If it gives you any idea, I got Call of Duty WWII when it came out and within 3 days, had beaten all of the missions... so I am taking my time with No Man’s Sky, Fallout 4, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Just picked up Sims 4 for fun.

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