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What are you Reading Now?


Gilgamesh is an experience and its clearly written with a different mentality to what we've got now. But like you said, pmmg , its and interesting read and one of the classics which I think people interested in ancient history should read at least once. And preferably other people should also read it.

For myself I'm reading non-fiction in the form of a series on Chinese history by Mark Edward Lewis. I figured it would be beneficient for me to know at least the general gist of Chinese history as opposed to know exactly nothing about it.

Ned Marcus

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. I picked the book up in a secondhand bookshop. Mixed feelings about the book and writer, but it had some interesting stories.

One of the 3 factors pushing things over the tipping point was a small group of people who had influence beyond the normal. One of the 3 groups of people he mentioned were 'connectors.' People whose hobby is to 'collect' people. One of these people—this is a long time ago—met Arthur C. Clarke in a SF conference. Of course, they left with each other's number. When Arthur C. Clarke visited her city (at some future time) he called her to ask what he could do in the city. She told him to come round to her house the next day. She called another 'connector' and said Arthur C. Clarke is coming round tomorrow. Who should he meet? The other connector said, Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein are in town.

They all met up the next day. No idea what they talked about, but I like the story.

Several of you talking about Gilgamesh. A lot better than The Tipping Point :)

A book worth reading, especially by fantasy authors.

Ned Marcus

I've just reread The Emperor's Soul by Brandon Sanderson. It's my favourite of his books so far. I prefer reading a novella by him than a huge volume like Way of the Kings.