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What is your favorite character you've created?


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She's a selfish and pragmatic dryad who looks a lot prettier and younger than she is.
She started as a mentor/foil to my main character and became a sort of a wild card. She's so fun to write because I never know what's she will do next. I like to think that translates to the page in the way the other characters react to her eccentricities.


I too am very indecisive when trying to pick a favorite. I think it's because I put so much thought in to them all, picking a favorite seems unfair, in a way.

If I had to choose one, it would be Lance - the male protagonist in my current W.I.P.-, because of his sarcasm. My favorites are always the ones who make sarcastic remarks, even in difficult situations. He's very light-hearted, although also a strong, and meaningful character, I guess I've just developed him and his plot line the most, so he's a well balanced OC.


I have a Kitsune by the name Namkitu Yamagata. A trained assassin among other things. I use him as a side character to help the main characters along the way or keep things spicy. This person is super charismatic and hides intentions in plan sight. Very resourceful and proficient in many forms of unarmed combat. Preferred method of assassination is making the victim's life so miserable, they kill themselves.
Up until maybe a few months ago, I'd of said Yoshida Matsu, Ordained Priest in the Order of Battle Saints.
Not a nice person, but lives by a particular code of honor which compels him to aid others in need.
I also like a newer character, Ranni Bloodeyes A fearsome o half orc warrior with self esteem issues.
Oh, and Ekaterina Zegoyev.
Orphaned in a ghoul attack in fhe Serbian DMZ, carrier of Hartnett's Diease, follower of The Way and all around badass.