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Your reading queue


Which books / series are you planning to read in the near future? My list is:
  • Videssos cycle
  • Cato series
  • Codex Alera series
  • Stormlight Archive series
  • Vampire Earth series


Myth Weaver
During the Winter Break I drastically culled my TBR list of [basically] everything*.
The two books that have made it to the 2020 list so far are:
Race to the Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse [A tale about a Navajo Child that becomes a Monster Hunter from his grandfather's tales]
The Amazing Maurice and his educated rodents by Sir Terry Pratchett [A tale about an amazing cat and his educated rodents]
* Don't worry I haven't got rid of the books, just admitted to myself, that I'll never read them as fast as I buy them. I think I must be approaching the SABLE point.
[SABLE- Stuff Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy].


toujours gai, archie
I have a healthy TBR list, though it's not so very long, but I don't put the books in any sort of order. Instead, I treat them like a box of candies--I just select whatever strikes my mood of the moment. For example, I'm currently reading Boy's Life by Robert McCammon, a book that wasn't even on my list but which I encountered more or less at random. It's got marvelous prose that reminds me of no one so much as Ray Bradbury.

I tend not to read series, having found most of them do not justify their length.


MY TBR pile is pretty much a physical manifestation of my mid-life crisis. No Corvette or arm candy that could be my grandchild. No. For me, it's the books of my youth.
  • I recently re-read the whole of the DUNEiverse (Frank's originals. The ones by Brian are in need of a gom jabar)
  • Then I re-read all of his WorShip novels (written contemporaneously and covering some similar thematic terrain)
  • Now I am reading The Saga of Pliocene Exile by Julian May.
  • I have several LGBT-oriented Fantasy novels to dig into as well.


Felis amatus
I have the first of the Pliocene Exile books in my tbr pile. It's among the books I didn't read growing up that I'm trying to go back and read.
I am trying to get around to reading Symphonies for the City of the Dead, Argonaughts Windlass, Watership Down, and the Legion series.