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Your reading queue

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Aldarion, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Aldarion

    Aldarion Inkling

    Which books / series are you planning to read in the near future? My list is:
    • Videssos cycle
    • Cato series
    • Codex Alera series
    • Stormlight Archive series
    • Vampire Earth series
  2. CupofJoe

    CupofJoe Myth Weaver

    During the Winter Break I drastically culled my TBR list of [basically] everything*.
    The two books that have made it to the 2020 list so far are:
    Race to the Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse [A tale about a Navajo Child that becomes a Monster Hunter from his grandfather's tales]
    The Amazing Maurice and his educated rodents by Sir Terry Pratchett [A tale about an amazing cat and his educated rodents]
    * Don't worry I haven't got rid of the books, just admitted to myself, that I'll never read them as fast as I buy them. I think I must be approaching the SABLE point.
    [SABLE- Stuff Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy].
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  3. skip.knox

    skip.knox toujours gai, archie Moderator

    I have a healthy TBR list, though it's not so very long, but I don't put the books in any sort of order. Instead, I treat them like a box of candies--I just select whatever strikes my mood of the moment. For example, I'm currently reading Boy's Life by Robert McCammon, a book that wasn't even on my list but which I encountered more or less at random. It's got marvelous prose that reminds me of no one so much as Ray Bradbury.

    I tend not to read series, having found most of them do not justify their length.
  4. Gospodin

    Gospodin Minstrel

    MY TBR pile is pretty much a physical manifestation of my mid-life crisis. No Corvette or arm candy that could be my grandchild. No. For me, it's the books of my youth.
    • I recently re-read the whole of the DUNEiverse (Frank's originals. The ones by Brian are in need of a gom jabar)
    • Then I re-read all of his WorShip novels (written contemporaneously and covering some similar thematic terrain)
    • Now I am reading The Saga of Pliocene Exile by Julian May.
    • I have several LGBT-oriented Fantasy novels to dig into as well.
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  5. Steerpike

    Steerpike Felis amatus Moderator

    I have the first of the Pliocene Exile books in my tbr pile. It's among the books I didn't read growing up that I'm trying to go back and read.
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  6. Asael Verity

    Asael Verity Scribe

    I am trying to get around to reading Symphonies for the City of the Dead, Argonaughts Windlass, Watership Down, and the Legion series.
  7. KadenVale

    KadenVale Acolyte

    All of Brandon Sanderson's books. Lies of Locke Lamora. Dragonwatch#2.

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