How to Spot Your Weaknesses as a Writer

There’s a question that crops up on writing forums a lot: how do I improve my writing? And quite often, the most common advice is “read and write lots”. Which is perfectly fine advice. Knowing what’s good and practicing your craft are great ways to imrpove. But there’s only so far that advice can take … Read more

9 Amazing Blogs for Writers

While Mythic Scribes is geared towards fantasy writing, I’m a big believer in studying writing from many different angles.  For that reason, I’m always on the lookout for great writing advice from authors in other genres. Today I’m going to feature nine of the blogs that I turn to for inspiration.  Each of these blogs … Read more

The Impatient Writer’s Guide to Getting Published

Tired of waiting months, weeks, or even days to hear back about your manuscript? Is that 500,000 word door-stopper just desperate to get immediate feedback? Do you like fast food, Twitter, and teleportation? For those of you that want feedback from an editor yesterday, this is your guide to immediate success. Until recently, I’d never … Read more

Is Outlining for Hacks?

When I first began writing I would sit in front of the computer for hours, staring at a blank screen.  I hoped that inspiration would strike, but usually it didn’t.  So I would force myself to type something, praying that it would turn out to be half-decent.  Back then writing was a long, tortuous process. … Read more

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