Secrets of Fantasy Literature – Interview with Harry Potter Scholar John Granger

Labelled by TIME as “The Dean of Harry Potter Scholars,” John Granger is a pioneer. When many were dismissing the significance of the Hogwarts Saga, or condemning the books for “promoting witchcraft,” John was the first literary critic to explain how they carry on the tradition of English fantasy literature.  His book, How Harry Cast … Read more

9 Amazing Blogs for Writers

While Mythic Scribes is geared towards fantasy writing, I’m a big believer in studying writing from many different angles.  For that reason, I’m always on the lookout for great writing advice from authors in other genres. Today I’m going to feature nine of the blogs that I turn to for inspiration.  Each of these blogs … Read more

Secrets of Story Structure – Interview with Hollywood Writer Eric Luke

Writer and director Eric Luke has worked on films for Paramount, Disney, and Fox TV.  He’s the writer of the science-fiction cult classic Explorers, which starred Ethan Hawke and the late River Phoenix.  I recently chatted with Eric about story development and narrative structure, as well as his latest project, the self-aware audiobook Interference. How … Read more

Should Christians Write Fantasy?

Is it wrong for Christians to write about magic, wizards and otherworldly beings? Surprisingly, some people believe so. Over a decade ago a fundamentalist church not far from my home made headlines by having a Harry Potter bonfire.  Christians from the surrounding area were invited to bring their Harry Potter books to a public burning.  … Read more

In Defense of Peter Jackson

Since the announcement that The Hobbit will be a trilogy, the Internet has been abuzz.  The Tolkien fan base has been divided into two camps: those who are elated at the news, and those who believe that it’s a terrible idea. Those who are apprehensive of the films becoming a trilogy have raised some valid … Read more

Mythic Scribes – Our First Birthday!

In early February 2011, Mythic Scribes opened to the public.  We began with a single article on our homepage and an empty forum.  But we set forth a vision, and had faith that the right people would find us. One year later, Mythic Scribes has exceeded our expectations.  We set out to forge a community … Read more

eBooks – Taking the Plunge

I love books.  I love the way that they feel in my hands.  I love how they smell.  To me, every book is a treasure. Hence, when the eBook craze began I was a doubter.  In fact, I was a fairly vocal critic of the movement.  I couldn’t imagine why anyone would choose to download … Read more

6 Disappointing Fantasy Movies

We’ve previously discussed some of the best fantasy movies of all time.  Now we’re going to look at the opposite side of the spectrum. The following films are not necessarily the “worst” of their kind, but they are major disappointments.  In other words, these are fantasy films that had the potential to be great, but … Read more

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