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How can I further develop the universe of this medieval romance fantasy novel of mine?


Aren't flaws just imperfection characteristics in the character? They don't necessarily negatively affect the character's lives.

If it's just flavoring then no they don't have to negatively affect the character, but if you're using her sex drive as an example of how she's not perfect then just that sort of flavoring flaw isn't enough.

Frankly any major aspect of a character ought to have some combination of the potential to complicate, simplfy, positively affect or negatively affect the character's life.
The 50 knights of the warrior princess protagonist were actually 7 year old boys who were raised and trained as warriors by the military's warriors and the king(He is dead. He is the father of the warrior princess protagonist.). They were raised to like and admire the warrior princess protagonist. By the way, these 50 knights aren't just warriors or bodyguards of the warrior princess protagonist. They are also literally her servants and they all literally belong to her. This means that they have to follow every single one of her orders and this includes things such as having sex with her, etc. They are not supposed to disobey every single one of the orders of the warrior princess protagonist.
I might have missed it in the 4 pages of discussion, but this premisse seems all kinds of wrong to me. You basically have 50 slaves who were taken as little boys and are forced to do everything a ruler says. Just reverse the genders and see how it sounds. 50 teenage girls taken as kids, and raised to basically be the sex toy of a ruler, without any say in the matter?