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How does a protagonist beat an antagonist that knows the future?


Actually, this does have to do with a book that I'm writing, but also this is the writing discussion forum. So there were two points to this thread. Everything I wanted from this thread is in the first post. I never alluded to anything specific to make you conclude that this was a "I want to do this thing in a story but I'm not sure how to make it work," but it's also okay that you did. I just wanted other people's perspectives so I'm not sure why I would need to give any specific reason for it. I'm not sure why you have an issue with it either. You could post whatever you want, and it seems like you're mad that I didn't tell you what to post about. It's not that big a deal. I appreciated your input either way.

I'm not exactly mad about this but, I guess for the sake of clarification: I think that if you start a thread, you should make it clear as to the point(s) of the thread in the first post.
Other similiar threads I've seen tend to start with the scenario and then give a possible solution all in the first post. Starting with an intentionally vague question, then a few posts later suggesting a possible solution with more context to the scenario added and then, in a later post, explaining the point of the thread just kind of confused me.

I guess it's just my idea of "forum etiquette" or something.

Btw, I haven't thought about the Legacy of Kain games in over a decade. They were awesome.



I get what you're saying, but I didn't really have my own solution when I made the thread. My solutions came from everybody's perspectives that I got after asking the question in the first post. It was a culmination of everybody's answers including yours.

The point of the thread was to get what I ended up getting, and I probably would've never mentioned any point had it not been for your response. I only mentioned a point to you as a response to your post and the conversation we were having; it wasn't the point to the whole thread. I don't think I would've gotten all the different responses I did had I made it for some specific point from the beginning nor did I really have a point outside of getting perspectives. I suppose we all can't always agree though. Thanks for the perspective.