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Magic: The Gathering

Discussion in 'Games' started by saellys, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. saellys

    saellys Inkling

    I did a quick scan of the forum and didn't see a thread for MTG, so here it is. :) My husband and I started playing last month and we've dropped about a hundred bucks on cards thus far--right before they release the 2014 core and the next set of guilds, of course. I'm just glad my husband has a hobby now.

    I've been almost exclusively playing a white-heavy Selesnya deck, but I carved it down to white only with a token-generating mechanic. I actually had to make a Kinko's run to copy enough token cards to get through a game. My husband just started a tri-color deck that can actually hold its own when I get rolling and have a dozen tokens on the battlefield.

    Anyone else play?
  2. Sparkie

    Sparkie Auror

    I tried. I failed. ;)

    Seriously though, my first time playing (besides the downloadable version on Xbox) was a super wake-up call for me. I found out just how dumb I was that day. I like the game, I just don't have the head for it.
  3. saellys

    saellys Inkling

    I felt the same way the first time I tried, and it didn't help that my bestie was teaching me using a crappy deck for me and a super awesome life-draining one for herself. ;) The second time around it clicked a little more, but I'm honestly still learning, and every card changes the rules.
  4. BWFoster78

    BWFoster78 Myth Weaver

    I'm a happy to be ex player.

    I enjoyed limited a lot, especially booster drafts, and got pretty decent at it during Onslaught block. It sucked up a lot of time and resources to get to a point where I had any skill, however. When the rules changed for Mirrodin and I faced that uphill learning curve again, I called it quits.

    I still get the urge sometimes, but, thankfully, I've been able to resist so far. My wife still gives me an evil eye when I glance at cards in the store; she's happy I've found cheaper hobbies.
  5. myrddin173

    myrddin173 Maester

    I have a fairly large number of cards (the bookstore I frequent had packs of thirty cards for less than three dollars - it was a deal I found hard to resist) but I really don't know how to play. I want to learn, I just don't have anybody to teach/play with me. Hopefully, that will change soon.
  6. BWFoster78

    BWFoster78 Myth Weaver

    As much as I want to scream at you, "No! Don't do it!" Try MTG - Online.
  7. Penpilot

    Penpilot Staff Article Team

    I used to play a ton way back when. I entered and won a few local tournaments and got ranked in the top hundred in my Province. But damn it can get expensive keeping up with the sets. I liked playing extended format. Now, here's where I show my age. The jargon has probably changed alot. My favorite decks were (white weenie-empyrial armor-cataclysm) and any graveyard recursion deck. For a while after I stopped playing, I still collected the cards. The art was so cool.

    Once in a blue moon I get together with a friend and play a little sealed with some new cards, but haven't played in a while.

    One word of advice for someone just getting into the hobby of it. Booster packs can be a waste of money if you intend on collecting sets. They can be fun opening, but not the most efficient way for gathering cards. I haven't checked in a bit, but when I was still playing, you could get a playing set, 4 of each common and uncommon card, on ebay for between $30-$50 shipped, depending on the size of the set. To me, this made more sense because now you can cherry pick the rares you want. In the end, from my experience, you end up with less junk rares and more useful ones for less money spent.

    Any ways, nice to hear that the game is still drawing people in.
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  8. peteks

    peteks Acolyte

    I've been playing since Kamigawa came out, so late 2004. Never been into the tournament side of things, but been playing hundreds of hours casually with my friend circle, which has close to 20 active players. We mostly play with constructed decks where cards can come from any set, so the decks are just crazy combo fests. At times we also do small draft and sealed tournaments, like when Return to Ravnica came.

    I've spent hundreds of dollars on the game, and I've got like 12 good decks, 3 of those eligible to be played in standard at the moment, others are just crazy 'casuals', which is like the least casual game mode you can think of, all the most broken cards make appearance here :D
  9. Devor

    Devor Fiery Keeper of the Hat Moderator

    I used to play way back when, and over Christmas I took all the MTG cards with a bunch of other stuff that I'd left in my parents' home. We've got them in a box under the bed, and my wife's expressed an interest in trying it out. I'd love to play MTG with her, but it's not a game, it's a hobby. I don't know if she has the time it takes to collect cards and figure out what works, what doesn't.

    My deck was green with an emphasis on fungal tokens, lots of creatures, and healing spells.
  10. soulless

    soulless Troubadour

    I used to play around a decade ago, had various decks but my faves were my white Soldier deck and green Elf/beast deck. Have a bit stashed away, trying to put together a five colour dragon deck for fun. The rares that don't fit in with it going on ebay bit by bit so I can maybe get a couple of other ones that do fit. Whether it'll really get any play is doubtful though, more for flavour, and maybe a bit of story inspiration.
  11. Yellow

    Yellow Minstrel

    I played until Mirrodin as well, though it was the technology oriented themes that kind of killed it for me. I still have my old red-green beast deck however. It does some direct damage and some healing, though it's mostly about accelerating mana and boosting beast to gargantuan proportions. I once (only once though) managed to do about 100+ damage in a single hit with a crosan collosus , mythic proportions and nantuko mentor combo. Good times. My deck's very outdated though, I sometimes get together to play with a couple of friends who keep up to date with new sets and I feel like som old geezer from ages ago.
  12. Ernie B.

    Ernie B. Dreamer

    I used to play it a few years ago, back in Ravnica days. Now I am playing again - for Return to Ravnica. I just love the idea of each guild doing its own thing. I guess it's what give Ravnica so much charm.

    My favorite decks was a azorius/dimir control, with Angel of Despair and Debtor's Knell... now mana leak is gone, and cavern of souls are crawling everywhere, so now I go for a simic/selesyna deck, with Yeva, Nature's Herald to help flash green creatures out while controlling. I guess I just love control. It is so fun to see my opponent's face when their spells keep being countered.
  13. Awakened Victim

    Awakened Victim Dreamer

    I have been playing since the Eldrazi block. Now me and my friends have been oriented round the guilds from Ravnica. We play almost exclusively EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander). I run a U/G Simic deck and a G/W Selesnya deck. I love my Simic deck for the simple reason that a certain green card i have (can't remember the name) lets any creature i control that dies give its power to another creature in the form of +1 counters. That card allowed me to swing for over 600 with just one monster. Good times.

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