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Need help coming up with a term for a magical occupation.

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Hainted, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. Delwyn

    Delwyn Dreamer

    I thought this on the way to work - Esoteric Division.
  2. arbiter117

    arbiter117 Minstrel

    A Mugician makes music with magic. Or an arcane-gineer
  3. Hainted

    Hainted Sage

    Forecasters try to see the future while clairvoyant means far seeing. I wanted to go with telecaster but that's a guitar.

    Current Caster? Discerner? Espyer? Ovate Channeler? Informational Evocateur? Orphic Ingeneer? Which would make the initials O.I. which would make people refer to them as Oy! "Oy! get over here and fix my scrying crystal!
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  4. Addison

    Addison Auror

    Information Enchanted sounds like the name of a business or company.
    I have a character in my story who has a similar job. He works at a Hostel and helps to clean and repair magical items the tenants bring in.

    So I think, as your story is based on magic (Mine is Both) then the term Maintenance would be appropriate. Their job is to maintain. As there are branches and focuses of normal maintenance then maybe you could make similar branches for magical maintenance. Wand Maintenance, Spell Book Maintenance, Magic Mount Maintenance etc.

    If you're still stuck I suggest looking at Seventhsanctum.com . It's a site full of generators and one or two of them make these very titles, realistic or hilarious.
    I hope this helps. Happy Writing! :)
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