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Pitfalls in Publishing - Jim Wolverton


Felis amatus
Writing over at David Farland's web site:

David Farland

As an aside, I saw on the web site that David Farland, who was or is a writing instructor at BYU, taught a number of other successful writers, including Stephenie Meyer, Brandon Sanderson, Brandon Mull, Eric Flint, and Sean Williams. Who knew?


Myth Weaver
Thanks. I liked the article and went back and read pretty much the entire blog. So much for having a productive afternoon...
I'd wager to say that having those contacts helped to break them into the business. One thing I think that a lot of beginning writers underestimate is the effect of knowing people in this business.

Caged Maiden

Article Team
OMG Runelords is on my special shelf... one of my favorites EVER! When i get a free moment, I'm rereading those.