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Weird Dreams

Discussion in 'The Dreamscape' started by DragonOfTheAerie, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. Demesnedenoir

    Demesnedenoir Istar

    The weirdest dream I ever had involved dream within dream and lucidity. Shrt version here. I woke up from one fairly ordinary dream into my current home, after a while, my daughter was begging for the keys to the car, she's just turned 16, I give them to her and she leaves the house. As she drives away, I look at a photo of the family on the wall and I realize this is the last time I ever see her alive, she dies in a car accident. Yes, I know I'm dreaming, but now my brain has me convinced that I'm dreaming of the real event, so I'm in a panic dream or not, but then I realize, I don't have a daughter near 16. But the dream is so intense, I'm questioning whether the dream is revealing a repressed memory, that maybe I did have a 16YO daughter who died. Knowing it's a dream does no good. Controlling the dream will do no good. So when I fnally really woke in the morning, I stayed in bed several minutes having to piece together logically whether this was just my brain screwing with me, or if I had a lost a daughter I'd forgotten.

    Damned brain anyhow.
  2. One could totally write a story based on this.
  3. Demesnedenoir

    Demesnedenoir Istar

    Yes, no doubt about that. Not quite my type of tale, maybe a short. I have a story in my head I thought up oh, 20 years or so ago, that deals with dreams and alternate reality. It could fit into that pretty easily if I ever get around to writing it.

  4. Jorunn

    Jorunn Dreamer

    Oh, man I had a dream like that some years back. I was being initiated into some sort of secret society by a particularly unpleasant ex, the mission of which I never remembered after the dream. It was dark and raining the entire dream. We had flown to a formerly Soviet country, kidnapped a man off the street, and I was forced to ritually murder him Dexter style in our hotel room. O_O And my brain had me utterly convinced this had actually happened at some point in our 4 year relationship and I had forgotten it due to trauma. I was out of it all day from that one, even though I knew logically nothing of the sort had ever happened.
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  5. Demesnedenoir

    Demesnedenoir Istar

    I had a similar one, where I knew I was dreaming but it still screwed with me as far as the repressed memory goes. I accidentally (I think) killed a guy back in college while target shooting on the back of a farm. Instead of admitting to it, I buried the guy by the creek, and in the dream I was walking the burial area with these weird flashes of memory. And maybe there was construction getting close to the body? My recall wasn't too detailed with this one to begin with. My brain never quite had me fooled in the dream on this one, but it gave a yeoman's effort.

  6. Aurora

    Aurora Sage

    I had the oddest dream last night.

    For the record, I've only ever read Wool by Hugh Howey. Also used to read his blog long ago but that saying, I had a dream that I was on a boat sailing in the ocean with him and his wife, I think. Anyway, we were awakened due to water pouring in the boat and it was at mouth level. So...pretty bad! I was putting on a sweater and thick pants, ready to spend the day out floating or something, and he came back in and told me that the water had dropped again but that I'd have allergies from it.

    No clue. Dreams are weird, just weird.
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  7. Iosmovaehar

    Iosmovaehar Acolyte

    I was in some kind of a futuristic city - there were towering bronze-colored skyscrapers, sky-level walkways full of people bustling about their daily lives, and skyways full of cars. In the dream, I discovered that I had the ability to fly, but it was a very limited capability. I couldn't soar from building to building like Superman, but rather could sort-of hover... like a hot air balloon. Whenever I exhaled deeply, expelling all of the air from my lungs, I would for some reason become lighter than the air around me, and begin to float up. Taking in a deep breath would reverse the process, and send me falling downwards. It took some time, but eventually I got pretty good at it, and was bobbing up-and-down through the air like some kind of flying, buoyant jellyfish.

    While the people in this dream were from the future, apparently it was a future where seeing flying people was still a strange thing, since the crowds of bustling people began to gawk at me as I was doing this, and soon some future cops came to get me and take me in. Wasting no time, I zooooomed up to the highest building in the city with a deep exhalation, then looked down. Had I gotten away?! Were the future cops still on my tail?!

    Then the dream ended.
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  8. Sheilawisz

    Sheilawisz Queen of Titania Moderator

    Hello Iosmovaehar, and first of all Welcome to Mythic Scribes!

    You have a curious name, I find it hard to pronounce but I like it. Cool avatar too, looks nice. You can call me Sheila, or just Wisz if you like and that's because my author name is Sheila Wisz Ellayn. My avatar is Alice from the game Alice Madness Returns... In fact I never liked the game much, but I loved her.

    The way that you flew in that dream of yours sounds very similar to the way I fly in dreams. Instead of the classic superhero style, I just float or somehow hover from one place to another. Sometimes it can be quite fast, but in general it feels like I can cause gravity to vanish and after that I can propel myself to reach anywhere I want.

    It's great that you could see the intense bronze color of those skyscrapers, many people do not recall colors from their dreams!

    I also have dreams like that, I mean dreams in which I somehow draw negative attention to myself and then somebody or something is trying to catch me. The other night I was in a curious place that seemed to be an academy or a university of some kind, and I was flying in the hallways shooting deadly magical bolts in order to destroy stuff just for fun.

    Then I killed a student, and at least three or four witches were sent to attack me.

    I was forced to fly out of that place, and after that I flew very high and fast above the forest and cities outside of the building. I managed to evade the witches, they could never catch me and it was fun!

    These days, most of my dreams have been far too twisted and disgusting to even make it into my Dreams Journal. You know, sometimes I am scared of what I am going to see and experience every night... Some people believe that we forget most dreams for a good reason, and in many cases that is exactly right.

    I keep venturing into the dreams world anyway, because sometimes it's really awesome and fascinating.
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  9. C. A. Stanley

    C. A. Stanley Minstrel

    I had a pretty horrid dream last week, no doubt thanks to my tramadol (I've been having very strange, intense dreams lately)

    I was standing in a huge, empty outdoor swimming pool, with loads of people surrounding me (in the pool and around the edges). I randomly started violently throwing up blood, like, lots of it. Then everyone around me started doing the same. Just a crowd of people violently spewing blood. Pools of it gushing around my feet. Maybe the blood should have filled the pool or something, that would have made some sense... maybe it would have if I hadn't woken up when I did.

    It unsettled me for the whole next day. Does anyone else find that bad dreams haunt you the next day? Mornings are bad enough, gimme a break!

    P.S. I'm jealous, I never get to fly in my dreams :(
  10. C. A. Stanley

    C. A. Stanley Minstrel

    I laughed out loud at this. People at work giving me strange looks...
  11. Ugh, that sounds awful.

    I find that when I'm going through an anxious period, I have bad dreams I can't remember, but that still affect me the whole day.
  12. Iosmovaehar

    Iosmovaehar Acolyte

    :^) Well thank you, Sheila. It means "Creator of Io" (Io being the name of the world I do my worldbuilding in).

    Of my few dreams that I can remember, I think most... if not all of them are about getting away from negative attention, or more broadly - getting away from some threatening thing (usually people who are coming after me, or are trying to capture me). They are all "run away from the bad thing" dreams. Perhaps my subconscious is trying to tell me that I'm a feckless coward, but I refuse to listen if that's the case. :D

    Do you ever think that the types of dreams that people have are somehow related to the kinds of neuroses that those people have? Specifically, maybe the kinds of dreams we have are related to the things that we are most afraid of. I'm not clinically socially anxious or anything, but I'm closer to being socially anxious than I am to being a huge extrovert. Maybe people who, like me, harbor anxieties related to their interactions with people have dreams where they are trying to run away from the "bad people" who their brain perceives as threatening.

    :^( A good friend of mine is like that too. He gets horrible nightmares: death, killing, the whole works. It really shakes him up.

    I saw your earlier post about the dream where the moon collided with the earth. Wow, your dreams have such massive scale! Bah, and you know how to lucid dream?! Now I'm jealous. :^P
  13. So, two nights ago I dreamed I was on the Titanic, about a day or two before the disaster. My friend was with me, but was a lot older than he actually is and only stayed around in the bar, which is bizarre because he once told me that he never wants to drink alcohol, ever. I actually managed to convince people to listen to me, and gathered up the passengers on the deck, and the lifeboats were rechecked. As a result of my actions, the captain didn't order full steam ahead, the radio operators were working in shifts so that there was always someone there, and the water-holding compartments were sealed off way before the ship entered the ice flows. But then 'I Love Paris' started playing out of nowhere, but it wasn't part of the dream--it was in my head and woke me up and then repeated over and over for nearly two hours. :confused:
  14. Addison

    Addison Auror

    Okay, let's talk Frighteningly Real dreams. I'm talking Nightmare On Elm Street Real, minus the homicidal psycho.

    There are points of the dream I don't remember. The entire thing was like a modern, beach-set remake of Big Jake. And I was Little Jake. In the dream I raced inside a cave by a beach, fleeing from my captors. Once inside it was dark, reeking of seaweed and salt water. I found a small alcove, hid, even pulled sand over my body. I felt the cold, thick grain wash over my body, tickle my nose. I felt the pressure of the sand beyond the shadows shift and press against my leg as the captor searched for me.

    When I woke up I was cold- and it's summer- I found a red lump where, in the dream, I was bit by a mosquito. That could be explained by an actual mosquito biting me. But it nothing in my room explains the scraped bruise on my leg, which I remember getting in the dream. Cue the Twilight Theme! :cold:
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  15. I think you must have visited an alternate life in your dream...
  16. Mythos

    Mythos Troubadour

    I'm really enjoying reading about everyone's dreams!

    I've learned that I can always fly in my dreams, at least when I become even semi-aware that it is a dream. I used to do it just by flapping my arms, but recently, I can grow wings in most of my dreams. In one of them, I was even some sort of vengeful angel putting the fear of the divine into people. I can't really remember why, though.

    The most lucid dream I've ever had was this past year while helping my roommate through some hard times. Her mom was a bit of a witch I guess; she read tarot cards and palms. My roommate believed that she had been cursed or that someone meant ill will toward her (We haven't even reached the dream yet. (I had a weird year.)). Anyway, I decided the only way to help her out was of course in a dream.

    The dream started in my parent's house except it was also my college apartment at the same time. Once that incongruence settled in, I realized that I was dreaming. My dream-self decided that this would be the perfect time to help out my roommate because everything is possible in a dream, so I tried summoning her into my dreamworld. I wasn't able too, so I summoned her best friend and then called to her. Finally, she appeared. I made eye contact with her and tried clearing my mind, so we could somehow tap into some cosmic power and figure out how to help her. I quickly realized that my dream-self was falling apart. It kind of felt like waking up, but I wasn't waking up just kind of dissipating. I decided that method was too dangerous. I ended up taking my roommate on a tour of my dream world. We ended up in the desert, where I threatened to strand her.

    Ultimately, I ended up at some house party, and my roommate disappeared. I think I started to forget that it was a dream at this point. Hugh Jackman ended up driving me home. And I remember that I woke up because someone told me that a school mate of mine had committed suicide, and I was shocked into waking it up. It was a weird one and the longest time I've been lucid in a dream that I can remember.
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  17. I dreamed of being a shape shifter and fleeing from people who were trying to capture me. They could recognize me in any form, except in the form of Abraham Lincoln with long multicolored dreadlocks and grey skin. So I had to hide from my pursuers in that form.

    I'm not sure how I figured out that form would protect me, or how it could in any way make me less conspicuous.
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  18. LWFlouisa

    LWFlouisa Troubadour

    When do I not have weirdesque dreams? Though lately many include slight variations on what actually could happen in my personal life but has no yet.
  19. What on earth? I dreamed that I had gone 3 years back in time, but i was still myself. That is, I remembered future events and what was going to happen in the future. Just my present consciousness was somehow stuck in 3 years ago me.

    Then I realized I was in an alternative timeline and things were happening differently. The dream ended up where I was just sitting and trying to figure out how to cope with the fact that i'd lived 3 extra years in an alternate timeline and that i knew some of the future.

    I didn't like that timeline anyway, though. It had a weird LOTR remake.
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  20. Last night i dreamed I found a whole floor of our house below the basement that I didn't know about. Weird.
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