Defining Human

After a recent break from writing, I’m back in the chair and am assessing my unfinished stories and the world I’ve forged around them. One story in particular, The Rage Within, was written to explore a race called the Dagorans. They are a gray-skinned folk afflicted with a berserk-like rage. Sifting through my notes revealed … Read more

4 Tips for Worldbuilding Success

This article is by Katie Cross. It was so hot that summer, I would have preferred vomiting barbed wire to walking outside. The air was muggy and thick with humidity so high that a permanent haze settled in like a fog. I didn’t see my thermostat go below 80 degrees for far too long, even … Read more

Adding Depth to a Fantasy World

When worldbuilding, writers tend to focus on topics such as magic systems, fantasy races, kingdoms, politics, and religions. These elements form the settings, the backdrops against which our stories take place. But consider your world. Not the world you’ve created, but the one you live in. What is important to you?  What aspects of your … Read more

Transforming a World Into a Setting

Every time I ask other fantasy writers a question about the worlds I create, one of them will inevitably respond, “What does this matter to your story?” That’s because many new writers, influenced by roleplaying games and the illustrations featured in our favorite fantasy novels, are prone to view worldbuilding as filling in the gaps … Read more

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