Absolutism vs. Ambiguity in Fantasy

This article is by Matthew R. Bishop. In a recent article featured on Mythic Scribes, Christian Madera explored the strengths and limitations of “black and white” fantasy, while defending the rise of “grey” fantasy as something that can overcome the drawbacks of black and white. Let me clarify that I am an author of grey … Read more

Fantasy and How the World Ought To Be

This article is by Christian Madera. Early Fantasy literature, with its black-and-white morality, was very comfortable making statements about ethics. I’m using ‘ethics’ in a broad sense here: I don’t just mean questions about what a person should do in a difficult situation (though such questions are definitely a mainstay of Fantasy literature and merit … Read more

In Defense of Peter Jackson

Since the announcement that The Hobbit will be a trilogy, the Internet has been abuzz.  The Tolkien fan base has been divided into two camps: those who are elated at the news, and those who believe that it’s a terrible idea. Those who are apprehensive of the films becoming a trilogy have raised some valid … Read more

How to Write Battle Scenes

This article is by Ciele Edwards. Battle scenes can be just as intense on the page as they are on the screen. Many classic novels, such as The Lord of the Rings and The Last of the Mohicans, contain vivid, well-written battle scenes that are essential to the plot. Even if you do not have … Read more

5 Characteristics of a Hero

Ten years ago I began writing a fantasy epic.  I spent months building my own world, complete with fresh mythologies and exotic cultures.  I had a great villain and an original plot.  Everything appeared to be in place for me to write a first class novel.  Sadly, a quarter of the way through a terrible … Read more

Fantasy Music – What Inspires You?

Music has the power to conjure emotions and spark the imagination.  When I’m at my writing desk, nothing makes the work go smoother than listening to just the right music. Over the years I’ve put together a collection of fantasy music which I use for inspiration.  Some of these albums are derived from my favorite … Read more

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