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  1. Koraki Saros

    Greetings From Lysandus

    Greetings, I am a Sci-fi/ steam punk/ fantasy writer. I joined after researching arrow wounds and was led here. Eager to learn more about fantasy writing and be a part of a wider fantasy writing community.
  2. Miss Grimoire

    Hello! Hello! Hello!

    I am Natasha, or as my account name displays; Miss Grimoire! What can I say? I'm a sucker for theatrics! If there is one thing I have known all my life it is that I want to be a writer. Many a story I have told, but yet have I been satisfied with my own work. I hope you all will stick with me on...
  3. Varied Fiction

    Hello Mythic Scribes

    Quick introduction--I'm an aspiring writer, currently working on an epic fantasy novel. I also write short stories, flashfiction and a little bit of poetry. Originally I wanted to be a film director and have some school background in that field, though even then my favourite modules/subjects...
  4. Varian

    Hey Mythic Scribes! I'm Varian...

    Hello! I found this website and decided to join. I love fantasy and fiction. I like to write. Since fantasy is my main genre, I thought this site may be useful. I like fantasy in different kinds of media, including movies, TV, and games. Also, art! But even writing is a kind of art. I...
  5. flower.k1d

    Jay !

    Hey hey! I'm Jay, and my love for world building and fantasy writing grew from my love for art. I've recently started making my own world, and decided to join in on the fun over here to find help!
  6. Kyne


    Hello, I go by Kyne. I'm 30 years old and I write Fantasy and High Fantasy novels. I am currently working on the third round of edits for a novel I finished back in 2018 and I hope that I will be lucky enough to get to another beta read and formal editing this year with potential for publishing...
  7. C


    Greetings All- I am a former AD&D player, and these days I am mostly a reader of fantasy and folklore. I have a particular fondness for Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Manx, and Breton folk tales. I've been tinkering with writing some short stories of my own on and off for years. I joined mostly to...
  8. L.L. Maurizi

    first forum ever. no for real

    Hello, everyone! I'm new here. not only to this forum, but forums in general. i'm a relatively social person irl, but i tend to be more of a reader/lurker than an active participant online. I'm looking to change that for a number of reasons, but that's a story for another day :) So! I'm italian...
  9. Marta Taylor

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello there! I can't really say that I'm a writer, more that I LOVE getting inspired by fantasy books for my illustrations and honestly I do hope that in a couple of years maybe I will write a short story myself for kids. In the meantime I am enjoying reading all these fantasy stories, there’s...
  10. Meep

    Hi, there!

    Hi, I'm Meep. I'm not new to writing, or forums, but I am new to this writing forum. (If you were on The Young Writers Society forums from 2004-2007 or so, "hi!") I've been writing somewhat seriously on and off since I was a teenager (early 30s now), but this year I started really trying to...
  11. ryanzdawson

    New Member. Reticent

    Hello. My name is Ryan. I am 40, married, and autistic. I don't like socializing and I am bad at it, but I'm trying on the advice of my therapist. I write adult fantasy. I am a published author with 4 books available on Kindle and in paperback. I self published my first book in 2012. A...
  12. D

    Happy to be Here! - Writer/Editor

    Hey guys and gals, As my username suggests (hah!) my name is Dustin Bilyk, and I'm from Saskatoon, Canada. Been writing since the age of five, wrote my first "novel" at the age of eight, and I like to think my writing has improved to a point where it's both readable and enjoyable for genre...
  13. Notes on Vosha (my W.I.P.)

    Introduction to the Eight Vosha Kings

    The rituals of the moon counteract those of the sun. And those of the mountains counteract those of the skies. For although they were created at once and have created together, they too have their independence and volatile natures. The mountains tried to reach the skies to crush air. The sun...
  14. Patrick-Leigh

    Greetings and Salutations!

    Greetings and Salutations! My nom de plume is Patrick Leigh! I'm presently putting together a flintlock fantasy setting which will enable me to write stories of many varieties, be they adventure, political intrigue, mystery, horror, or romance. However, in order to refine my ideas, I've been...
  15. Valen

    Pleasure meeting you.

    Hello! My name is Valen. I am bilingual, and hispanic. I am transgender, and male. I am currently in a relationship with the love of my life, and I love cats. Please take good care of me, and have a nice day!
  16. P.A. Trujillo


    Allow me to introduce myself. I am an up-and-coming fantasy author looking to share my short stories with a community that appreciates high fantasy fiction. It is my ultimate goal to self-publish a fantasy novel, but without a following it would be pointless to publish. I hope to gain some input...
  17. Kathará


    Hey everybody, just introducing myself :) I love writing fantasy and science fiction stories. I've working on two fantasy books right now, I have only written science fiction in short story form. The first book is on it's third draft, it's a middle grade novel about a mermaid assassin who...
  18. I

    I'm New

    Hi! I'm new here :D I am very into both worldbuilding and writing but I am young so bear with me!
  19. Momtoast

    Intro - Hello from the Dragon Dystopia!

    Greetings all! I am so excited to have found this website and these forums. Looks like a great resource for information and making friends in the fantasy writing/reading community. I have just recently become a published author. I have a short story out with Kyanite Publishing, and I will be...
  20. Gabriel Luke

    Hi EveryOne!

    I'm an American midwest fantasy writer who has just finished my first rough draft, after twenty years of evasion. I look forward to learning everything I can to improve my current rough draft and to building all new worlds.