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  1. v_legolas_gleaf


    Halloa everyone! Just joined this forum. I have a ton of questions regarding fantasy and hope to get them answered here in due course. I'm from India by the way and have exposure (meaning, "knowledge of") to many world cultures (European, American, Latin-American, Scandinavian, etc.) and hope...
  2. Roosevelt Theo


    Hello all, As you can see, the name I use is Roosevelt Theo. Theodore Roosevelt to be exact. And he (Theo) is not my real name. He is just a man who has lost his memories and woke up in a strange place which he now called as Dreamtopia. But that was a long time ago... (wait for my novel to know...
  3. DragonRhapsody


    I'm DragonRhapsody, I am a writer and parent. I am glad I found this place - need some help with my magic system but also really enjoy reading and helping others.
  4. I


    I'm a writer from NYC, with plenty of self-doubt and a lack of self-confidence when it comes to pursuing a professional career as an author. It's been a dream of mine, but I still have much to learn. According to some sources, an intermediate level writer can be someone who is always doubting...
  5. L


    Hi, I've just started writing recently. Im focusing on fantasy and really enjoy working on magic systems. I found this site when looking for a title for a type of magic user.
  6. bvlaw


    Hello everyone! I've always had a love for fantasy and sci-fi stories, and have always had ideas for them swirling around in my head (to the point that I have a few basic characters for my world). A lot of what I tend to write down is what I could describe as "modern fantasy" (thought I'm not...
  7. P


    Hi, I've heard nice things about this site, so I finally decided to join. I aim to brush up my writing skills, write lots of awesome fantasy stories and make them into games and make friends along the way.
  8. Dina


    Hello, everyone! I am new to forums of any kind, and certainly writing forums. I've always been too shy to share my work, especially rough drafts like the one I am currently working on. Hopefully, interacting with this community will remedy that. I'm writing a fantasy novel set in the middle of...
  9. Knight Viking

    Hail and well met!

    Hello! I stumbled upon this community looking for a list of names used for magic-users. Hoping that time spent here will bear fruit for my writing and that I may help others as well. A little about me: My name is Taylor. I've been working on building a fantasy world for about five years now...
  10. C. R. Rowenson

    I'm Excited to Have Found This Place!

    Hi everyone! My name is C. R. Rowenson (call me Clark). In addition to writing fiction, I run a blog dedicated to helping storytellers of all kinds craft and repair the extraordinary elements (magic, advanced tech, crazy monsters) of their stories. I'm really hoping to connect with others that...
  11. G

    An Introduction

    Hello, I worked for better than a dozen years as a ghost writer, concentrating on helping people o write their memoirs. I have lost count of the number of book that I wrote anonymously. My name did not appear anywhere on those books, and I was under contract not to admit that i had written...
  12. P


    It's nice to meet you all. I'm a long form role player trying to graduate to writing. I'm starting with a project that's just writing for myself and not really expecting it to go anywhere, but, we'll see. I'd still like to work on it just to say I finished something I'm proud of. I largely...
  13. K


    Hi! I’m Kendra. If recently got back into writing. My inspiration has always been fantasy. I’m on here to brainstorm and get critics on my works. I’m not sure exactly what else to say but if you have questions, ask.
  14. P

    Hello There, I'm Eric

    Found this place by googling "dark fantasy" and figured I could learn a few things here to improve my own work and maybe network with some people. I'm a self-employed person that's lived off my writing/art for about ten years, but you never stop learning right? Not linking to my work out of...
  15. Jeremiah Reed

    Hi, everyone.

    Hi, everyone. I'm Jeremiah Reed (though my friends call me Jeremy.) I'm a professional writing major and a writer. I've been writing since I was a little kid and I love telling stories to others. I'm currently working on my first novel and I hope that one day I will become a published author. I...
  16. Daisy

    Greetings, Ladies, Boys, and Everyone In-between

    For years on end I've wanted to write a novel, breathing life into a new universe and telling the story of new and interesting characters, the likes of which have kept me up all night when I first discovered novels myself. Giving in to the demon known as dread and it's cousin, procrastination...
  17. DVAus

    Hidy-ho, everybody.

    Generic warm greetings to forum peeps I don't know yet (but assume are all amazeballs). More generic description of the state of my current writerness. Witty sign off. Semi-ribald riposte to comments much wittier than my initial post. Ensue immediate regret that ribaldness might have...
  18. Giovanni


    Hello everyone, it's a pleasure to be apart of this forum. I hope to get advice from the many writers here, as well as be inspired and motivated to continue my work.
  19. Eble Longears

    Well met!

    Hello and good afternoon! My name's Eble. I'm a fantasy writer and fan, D&D player, and enormous Tolkien fan. I love the Silmarillion, Hobbit, and Lord of the Rings, and I am currently reading the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, as well as Dante's Divine Comedy and (off and on) A Song of Ice and...
  20. Christopher Herrin


    Hello everyone! My name is Christopher Herrin, though I can go by Chris if you wish. I have come to write due to being raised on fantasy. My mom would read Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Disk World, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Inheritance Cycle, and others to me before I went to bed...