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as far as I understand it’s a mixing of things yes, not exclusively Celtic. Anything we know about the Celts is patchy because they didn’t keep any real written records. I think it’s pretty representative of Britain though because of the mix of cultures we have, that being Celtic, Norse, Roman, Anglo-Saxon and I suppose Christian.


Ooohh why don't you DM this conversation?

See? This is a safe space to discuss poisonous mushrooms and poisoning whole dynasties without the DMs.

Now who wants to bet when the next nuke is dropped in wartime? Over-under December 24th?


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Don't you think you're a bit too old to be an edgelord BearBear? Speculating on nuclear warcrimes when there are active wars in the news is not my type of humour.


I was born this way. War crimes are a particular passion of mine. Also, there's never not a war going on.

So this girl I work with was talking with another coworker about automatic driving cars, here's the conversation:

G1: "What does the car do when someone steps in front of you?"

G2: "Oh they're so good now, they stop in a safe manner."

G1: "And if that person is pointing a gun at you?"

G2: (Awkward silence)



And they call me the edgelord?
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I asked Aleshe, who I've known for years, to explain me to you normies, stay tuned, she's going to wow yall and clear this whole thing up.


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I'm more than fine remaining a "normie." You could just refrain from pushing the boundaries on this website.


Oh brother...

Okay, Bear: whenever he's comfortable in mixed company and says something "funny":


Everyone else:



So how's everyone else doing? I'm really busy, sorry I haven't been around to babysit Bear.


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Just gonna say, those little uhaul trucks with rent for $19.95 painted on the side. They are fucking lie.

Don't believe them ;).