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How did you discover Mythic Scribes?

Trying to find myself for a better platform for my own personal constructed world to be seen by others. I found this website through patient searching (without any ads), and I am really eager to express my own imaginative world to the community (e.g. Mythic Scribes). I am a freshman here, therefore I need someone who can assist me in discovering this wonderful website. Appreciated.


I was googling something about fantasy and there you were! Now if only I could remember was I was searching for...lol I got immediately distracted by all the great articles to read.


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Where the heck is the edit function? Hate typos!

Unfortunately, because of a recent rush of spammers, editing for new members had to turned off. After you hit 5 posts you should be able to edit your posts for one hour after posting.


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Hello, my name is Ron and I am a fantasy writer. I am the author of The Wizards Of Covington Series. Tweeter is how I found my way here.