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How did you discover Mythic Scribes?


I found this place via google search as well. I was looking for a writing community that may be able to help me keep writing, rather than spit the dummy and give up as I normally do.


Googlorion. When I decided to start seriously working on my fantasy setting (up until then it was on-of-on-off, and I shifted through dozen different settings ranging from LotR ripoffs to completely original but half-joking stuff to space fantasy) I decided that joining a fantasy forum might be useful. So I searched "fantasy writing forums", and this was the one that I liked the most.
I actually found Mythic Scribes by accident, as I was searching for a general title or term for all types of Magic Casters. As I researched into to the site a bit more I realized that this site may help with my writing and very well be able to help get my story out there with impute on certain subjects that I have been having in my lack of writing skills.


I was reading an article about why you shouldn't approach publishers directly, ending up in the slush pile, and one great piece of advice (among others) was that I should find an online forum aimed at my genre. So, a quick Google search landed me in one. Didn't like it. So I came here instead.
But, yeah, Google it is.


Surprise, surprise, but I actually found mythic scribes via... Google. Yeah. I know. Lack of payoff on the suspense.

I know plenty of people around me who love reading fantasy, but none that also love writing it. And since getting passionate about a craft is even more fun when the people around you are also intereseted, I went about looking online for a fantasy writing community. I found this one, decided to try it out, and am very glad I did.