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How did you discover Mythic Scribes?


From the articles, which I think I found linked to on another writing site. I really liked the forum discussions, so I decided to stick around ;)
We've been growing steadily over the past few months, and have a wonderful group here. Part of this is due to various methods of outreach that we've been experimenting with.

In an effort to better understand what is working, please let us know how you discovered us in this thread. Thanks!
I was on google+, having joined one community called Fantasy Authors. I searched in google+ for some certain story terms that might be tags. I found them mentioned in posts by Mythic Scribes. I followed the link to this site, saw all the discussion and community here, and joined.


Was researching different mythologies and such for a project of mine, and came across this site. Read a few posts and decided to join.


I'm an editor by trade with a fantasy novel steeping in the juices of my brain. I've been looking for a writing group that I can call home. It's exceedingly difficult to find somewhere I feel I might fit in - somewhere that values writing, of course, but somewhere that walks that line between hideous free-for-all and hoity-toity hyper critics in need of more love from their mommies and daddies. Nothing was sticking. I assume user error :)

For my current editorial project, I needed to know more about Medieval bathing practices and while I never found what I was looking for, I have absolutely loved wandering around these forums. The culture here reminds me of a former online "home," and I think I'll stick around a bit.

Black Dragon