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More than One Kind of Hero: The Anti-Hero


I've heard of the term Anti-Hero before. Honestly, until recently I thought they were mini-antagonists. You know the side character the hero meets who we see as a friend only to be revealed to be the one who alerted security, screwed up the timing etc on behalf of the untag. Embarrassing, but I know the real definition now. The best example of an anti-hero I've found is Wade Wilson/Deadpool.

I can't remember the last movie that made me laugh so hard. Oh. My. God. :lol: He's a man with power who kills bad guys, for his own vendetta/vengeance. Others, now that I know what an anti-hero is, include V from "V for Vendetta", and Guy Montag from "Fahrenheit 451".

I learned the definition of Anti-hero, and much more, from this video. Great animation in my opinion. Enjoy.

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K.S. Crooks

Marvel Comic's Punisher has been around for a while, but my favorite is Lee Child's Jack Reacher.
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While I am very fond of Jack Reacher I am not certain he is really an anti-hero. He seems to me to be a traditional western hero in the "man with no name" mold. He rolls into town, finds people in trouble, helps them and rolls out of town.

Fantasy is chock full of anti-heros. Elric of Melnibone springs immediately to mind.