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Worst 5 Movies of All Time

Discussion in 'Film & Television' started by Reaver, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. I'm a major X-Men buff, and this one didn't line up with the first X-Men movie. There were lots of continuity errors.
  2. psychotick

    psychotick Auror


    My five worst?

    Highlander Two, closely followed by Highlander Three - They would have been simply terrible movies in their own right if it wasn't for the fact that they followed Highlander - one of the best movies of all time. But it seemed to me that the director followed the age old recipe for ruining a film franchise - step one throw away the script from the first movie!

    The Day the Earth Stopped - no not the day it stood still. I would call it B grade save that that is so unfair to many B grade movies. But one moment of joy in it - the lead actress looks a hell of a lot like Angelina Jolie and she gets naked for a bit!

    RIPD - I struggled - I truly did - to work out what was wrong with this movie. Was it the poor acting? The piss poor writing? The plot holes? The really stupid special effects? And in the end I simply couldn't work it out. This film is a reverse gestalt. Under gestalt theory the whole is more than the sum of its parts. In this case it's less. So much less, and the parts were bad to begin with.

    Hancock - OMG! Talk about a schizophrenic film. The first half is absolutely brilliant. Funny, enjoyable, it really sparkles. And then comes the second half where everything that was is swept away and you end up with this completely gross non superhero movie where the wit, sparkle, superhero special effects and everything else is gone and you end up with a boring slasher movie without even tension.

    Twilight - Not for any reason other than the fact that some stinker marketed this thing as a vampire movie. It's not. And inflicting this teenage chick flick upon my red neck sensibilities is cruel and unusual. I only watched about half of it until the true horror dawned on me - the pretty boy vampire wasn't going to tear her throat out. No one was going to stake him. At that point nausea overcame me.

    Cheers, Greg.
  3. Guy

    Guy Inkling

    LOL! Yeah, when my oldest daughter was 13 I took her to see it. My first issue was, "What, no fangs? What kind of vampire doesn't have fangs?!" Then he stepped into the light to show her his nature and I'm all keyed up to see him unfold all his demonic glory. Instead, he... glitters. What the hell?! Fortunately, by the time the next movie came out my daughter was over it and I didn't have to see the others. She told me about the books, and I've got to say if I'd read them the ending would've left me absolutely livid.
  4. Guy

    Guy Inkling

    As for worst movie, pick any five SciFi original movies and there you go.

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