Using Fantasy to Enhance a Story

Even when the characters’ adventures are fantastic, a good story should have an emotional core which is personal, drawing from common human experience to help readers connect with our characters.  A story written in this way needs little imagination to prop it up. Which is why, in my efforts to write fantasy, I’ve been asked: … Read more

Bridging the Gap Between Author and Character

When sitting down to plan a story, I focus my attention on developing memorable heroes and horrendous villains, constructing epic settings filled with ancient magic, and crafting plots with satisfying endings. But what’s lacking is anything connected to the piece of advice that I’ve heard repeatedly: Write what you know. These words, which I’ve been told … Read more

Mythic Scribes – Our First Birthday!

In early February 2011, Mythic Scribes opened to the public.  We began with a single article on our homepage and an empty forum.  But we set forth a vision, and had faith that the right people would find us. One year later, Mythic Scribes has exceeded our expectations.  We set out to forge a community … Read more

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