A Primer on Cults for Writers

What are Cults? While there are numerous interpretations of what a cult specifically entails, there is consensus on the fact that a modern cult (we will not be talking about ancient cults, which is a subject onto itself), exploits the beliefs of its members for the gain of the cult. Furthermore, the International Cultic Studies … Read more

A Primer on Organized Crime for Writers

Organized crime has become a mainstay in modern fiction. From suited-up dons to street thugs struggling to survive, criminal networks make for interesting stories. As writers and worldbuilders, how do we make organized criminal groups believable? Buckle up, because in this article I’ll tell you how. 1.Mafias and Gangs In the golden olden days, the … Read more

Eating Habits & Social Impacts

This is an exclusive preview from the upcoming issue of Worldbuilding Magazine.  It is by Adam Bassett. Worldbuilding has the unique opportunity to be profound even in what are often mundane details, such as eating and drinking. Consider the chocolate frogs from Harry Potter or the Xeno-Iguana from Stargate (which apparently tastes like chicken). Each … Read more

Creating a Fictional Religion

This article is by J. W. Barlament. Religion plays a major part in many of our lives, and for some of us, is a crucial part of our identities. It finds itself in the center of ideologies and controversies, and so it makes sense that many authors avoid writing about it in their fiction. Some … Read more

A Worldbuilding Magazine

Worldbuilding Monthly Covers

This article is by Adam Bassett. I’ve been writing stories since about the age of ten. It began with unfinished fan-fiction novels and has developed into original stories with (hopefully) intriguing settings and characters. During my time working on these projects there has always been a collaborative drive whenever I spoke with another who enjoyed … Read more

Social Issues in Speculative Fiction

This article is by Isobel Mitton. Speculative fiction writers often tackle social issues. The Hunger Games tackled the social class system. And so did the Divergent series. Both series were about the haves and have-nots. They were also about dictatorial governments in a world where one person had all the power to decide life and … Read more

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