Considering the Fantastical

This article is by Frank LaVoie. Don’t be mistaken.  Writing in the fantasy genre is not the same as working in other types of literature. They each have their complexities, and I’m sure you could argue for the inclusion of some of my points below in one kind of writing or another. But, the overall depth … Read more

Are Magic Systems a Distraction?

A fellow writer shared his dilemma with me.  He and his partner were starting a new project, and had invested much time in developing a magic system.  He had shared it with me before, and I was intrigued by their original spin on magic and spell-casting. But then something happened.  While flipping through the channels, … Read more

How to Design Your Diabolical Cult

In the summer of 1982 I had a life changing experience.  Although I was underage, I accompanied my father to see the new epic fantasy Conan the Barbarian, starring Mr. Universe Arnold Schwarzenegger.  While the film itself was amazing (especially the score), I was particularly impressed by its charismatic villain, Thulsa Doom. As portrayed by … Read more

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