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what should be the next big fantasy movie or show?

Discussion in 'Film & Television' started by C.B. Jones, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. Reaver

    Reaver Kwisatz Haderach Moderator

    Next Blockbuster?


  2. HOW DID YOU KNOW er I mean I've never seen that before in my life.
  3. Kevlar

    Kevlar Troubadour

    I'd pay to see that, and then I'd pay extra to see Blade die afterward.


    I can't think of anything in particular I'd like to see adapted though. I avoid video game adaptions enough as it is, but an original story set in something like Tamriel or Thedas might be cool, and I'd lean toward Thedas because I loved the first Dragon Age so much. Personally I'd be more likely to lobby for a Fallout movie, though it's not fantasy so it doesn't count here.

    Right now I'm trying for the third time to make it through the first Malazan book (because I have a friend who says they're really good from book two onward) so I can't really give any input on that. Someone mentioned Magyk but (no offense to your preferences) I would run for the hills if someone threatened me with such a movie. Otherwise I really haven't had too much exposure to great or memorable fantasy series. I don't particularly care for Dragonlance either, and I think it would only suffer from a visual adaption. I read one book a long time ago, Cry of the Icemark, which was supposed to be getting an adaption. I liked it at the time, but I've grown and matured a lot since and don't know if I still would.

    In the end I think they should do this: redo a portion of Game of Thrones season two. They drifted a good deal from certain storylines.
  4. Arreth

    Arreth Acolyte

    Waylander would be excellent I think, although the Joinings could get a little silly if the FX were over the top. Clive Owen would perhaps make a good lead - loved him for the few seconds he was in the first Bourne movie - and he'd be about the right age.
  5. Pyrsa

    Pyrsa Acolyte

    ok, I know it's been done before -- forgettably, and for kids -- but definitely Mary Stewart's Merlin novels. If adapted and directed by the right people. Yeah I know the books were technically not fantasy, but I think film or television would slip through as fantasy.
  6. Varamyrr

    Varamyrr Minstrel

    I'm surprised nobody mentions the Wheel of Time series?
  7. Mindfire

    Mindfire Istar

    Wheel of Time might be perfect for Hollywood's obsession with sequels. But honestly, nobody wants that many movies. Hardly anyone wants that many books. Although, if WoT is full of as much pointless stuffing as I hear, you might be able to condense it into a trilogy by cutting the fat.
  8. Even leaving in only the essential elements and trimming all the fat, you still couldn't do justice to WoT in movies. It'd have to be a TV series of some kind (a la Game of Thrones).
  9. Varamyrr

    Varamyrr Minstrel

    I agree, there is just too much that happens to actually make it a movie. Although I believe that you could make a stand-alone film of the first book. Perhaps even make it a pilot for a series(like bsg)
  10. Chime85

    Chime85 Sage

    I would love to see Ian Irvines The View From the Mirror story put onto the screen. It's a four book story and has very good pacing, imagination and story. That said, I would not like it done as a film. I think a tv series would be better, four books, four series.

  11. Elder the Dwarf

    Elder the Dwarf Maester

    I actually think Legend would be much easier to do well, though I would love a Waylander movie. Not a huge Clive Owen fan, but I did enjoy King Arthur. I think Christian Bale would actually make a pretty good Waylander. Sean Bean would be good if he weren't already in so many fantasy movies/series already. He is also probably too thick for the character. This casting thing is kinda fun though.

    Edit: On another forum I just saw, they suggested Brian Blessed or John Rhys Davies as Druss. Either would work for me. People would probably complain about Gimli, but if you take away that beard, it would be tough for most people to recognize him.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2012
  12. Shockley

    Shockley Maester

    Not fantasy, but there's a Harlan Ellison penned I, Robot script that I'd love to see made into a film.

    That said, movies and books are completely different medium. Give them their magisteria, so to speak.
  13. Steerpike

    Steerpike Felis amatus Moderator

    Too bad they didn't go with that instead of making the crappy Fresh Prince version.
  14. chinookpilot77

    chinookpilot77 Dreamer

    Same, and honestly, using the same characters and plot line, Dragonlance has all the components to be amazing in my opinion...the books themselves are just a little outdated now. I tried doing a re-read about a year ago...only got through the first two...but MAN, in jr. high, those were the books that got me absolutely hooked on all things epic. /Salute Weiss and Hickman!

    LOCOFOOL Minstrel

    R.A Salvatore's The Legend of Drizzt! I would LOVE to see it done well but I would be horrified if it went wrong. Those are the books my dad pasted down to me that made me fall in love with fantasy. It also helped me find my closest friend who had the same interest.

    Based off of failed movie attempts I’ve seen (Eragon) I sometimes think it’s not worth the mental trauma on our part for a book to be made in to a bad movie. On the other hand I think Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter were great on screen and in the book. I also have high hopes for The Hobbit.

    If they made an Elder Scrolls movie it would have to be about a prisoner! ;)

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