Cover to Cover III: Owning a First Draft

This is my third entry in my Cover to Cover series which follows a novel from inception to potential publication. It’s interesting to note since I started doing this, my novel has changed quite significantly. Most notable is that I completed a first draft last month. If you’ve ever completed a long first draft, then … Read more

4 Essential Tips for First-Time Con-Goers

This article is by Joseph Zieja. Cons are vicious, insane things, where emotions run as hard and fast as the alcohol, where dreams are made and broken at bars, and where George R. R. Martin sends people out for cheese steaks at three o’ clock in the morning.  You will meet people dressed in costumes … Read more

Racial Diversity in Speculative Fiction

This article is by Anne Leonard. A current – and recurring – topic of conversation in the SFF writer/ blogger/ reader community is the lack of people of color (POC) writing and publishing in the field.  (This is also an issue in the literary community in general; here’s a recent post on the subject that … Read more

Mastering Multiple POV in 6 Steps

Multiple POV storytelling has a bad rap. Sure, the practice of splitting a single narrative across multiple characters’ perspectives has a long history. And its popularity continues to expand as our society grows ever more distrustful of singular truth, in favor of individual realities. But multiple POV writing is not without its critics—and some of … Read more

The Benefits of Outlining: A Layered Approach

This article is by Steven M. Long. Everybody outlines. The second a writer imagines one scene following another, that writer is creating an outline, even if the outline is incomplete and only in their head. Referring to a novel writer as an “outliner” usually indicates someone who feels more comfortable with and sees the benefits … Read more

Is Plot or Character More Important?

This article is by K.M. Weiland. “Plot vs. character”—we hear it all the time, as if the two were mutually exclusive. Either your book is plot-driven or character-driven. Can’t possibly be both, right? And anytime we run afoul of an either/or conundrum, you gotta know people are going to start believing one or the other … Read more

How to Write a Query Letter

Writing a query letter is akin to going to a job interview. It’s your first chance to make an impression, and often times, it’s also your last. It’s this philosophy, coupled with my experience as a recruiter, that leads me to want to put my best foot forward, knowing that I may never get another … Read more

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