Beneath the Shining Armor — The Paladin

The Knight in shining armor, chivalrous to the very end. The majestic charger of gilded plate barding, galloping forever onward like a divine wind. The wielder of powerful, enchanted arms as the bane of the unjust and unholy. Unwavering devotion to their cause as the defender of the weak, and the usurper of the vile. … Read more

How to Plan Your Character’s Arc

This article is by S.H. Mastersmith. A character’s arc refers to the journey a character goes through, and the changes and self-discoveries they make along the way. The character starts the story with certain thoughts and morals (or lack thereof) and through a series of events, those thoughts and morals are changed, for better or … Read more

4 Keys to Writing Archetypal Characters

This article is by Alanna J. Jordan. As a fiction author, archetypes can be a powerful tool in your writing arsenal. Archetypal characters draw upon the human psyche, enabling you to write characters who are instantly recognizable. But as with any other tool, archetypes can be overused or badly bungled. Here is some advice on … Read more

Writing Better Villains

This article is by Vincent Langford. So, you’ve just started planning your book and everything seems to be going smoothly. You’ve created a cool main character, you’ve fleshed out your world, and – best of all – you know exactly where you want your story to go. But as you sit down to start churning … Read more

Memorable Characters and Their Flaws

Every reader has a certain character whose name, when mentioned, elicits a reaction. Those heroes we cheered on, those antagonists we hated with a passion—we know their worlds and their likes and dislikes. We understand and humanize them, and wish we could invite them over for pizza-and-poker night. Or we curse the gods that we … Read more

How to Write Captivating Villains

This article is by Anne Marie Gazzolo. There would be no Lord of the Rings without the title character and the galaxy far, far away would certainly be less dramatic without Darth Sidious. But the most interesting villains are those who are more than just plain evil. Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi is … Read more

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