The Talent Myth

There once lived a girl who wrote the best fantasy books in all the land. She was only twelve years old, having picked up a paper and pen to tell stories starting at age eight. She outsold all the big names in her genre, made millions of dollars, and never even went to college. She … Read more

6 Characteristics of a Great Fantasy Writer

This article is by Jessica Wood. There are quite a few discussions about what makes a good writer, and they generally all come down to the same points; somebody who is hard working, perceptive, widely read, imaginative, and has close attention to detail. But what are the specific characteristics needed by a fantasy writer? What … Read more

How Writing Poetry Helped My Prose

Have I mounted the mountain of poetic titans? Is my skill so vast, that my own mind I frighten? Have I reached the heights of Byron and Shelley? Will wicked awe, make me poetry’s Machiavelli? … No, nope, definitely not and no. My roaming poeming is and shall likely remain rather mediocre, but practising it did … Read more

Medieval Kingdom: Trope Reboot

Swords, castles, princes, serfs – just those four words are enough to place readers in a fantasy setting.  They evoke a place both mysterious and reminiscent of fairy tales, archaic enough to hold secrets, but grounded enough to be relatable. It’s a trope to make all magical settings feel familiar. Let’s reboot the Medieval Kingdom. … Read more

Comedy: Your First Reading Quest

Thank you, internet, for making this job harder. Strong characters and worldbuilding are no longer enough.  The well-timed spot of humor was once the mark of Shakespeare. But now fellow writers, all of us have to learn to be clever. Let’s start by reading a novel that’s funny.  Do you accept your first reading quest? … Read more

The Dark Lord: Trope Reboot

In the battle between good and terrible storytelling, we look for personal conflicts with complex characters.  Yet one trope gives our villain vague power and simple goals. It promises our readers a straightforward fight against the forces of evil. There’s one trope that just wants to rule them all. So let’s reboot the Dark Lord. … Read more

Things to Do for Non-NoWriMos

With National Novel Writing Month fast approaching, writers all over the world are gearing up for 30 days of intense writing bliss. Coffee and energy drinks will be consumed by the gallons, tears will be shed, and fingers will be cramped. However, if you’re like me, an ex-NaNoWriMo, or Non-NoWriMo, then you might have a … Read more

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