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What do you listen to?


I'm mostly into metal - mostly power metal at that like iron maiden and sonata arctica
But if anyone here likes final fantasy this woman does loads of game covers (not just final fantasy) that are just brilliant.

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More slightly orchestral stuff. This one was for me one of these music that you don't care about the first time you hear. Then you hear again and again and it grows on you. (Ignore the random anime image)

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Myth Weaver
I discovered this song today, and it's been in my head half the afternoon. I cannot stop listening to it! *is on the fifth repetition*

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Everything to some extent. I can't think of a genre that doesn't have at least a few songs or artists that I like. Right now it's mainly:

Geidi Primes by Grimes. I guess you would describe it as electronica.

Various MCs, right now underground ones for the most part. Fuze the MC, Gavlyn, Nitty Scott, MC., Jon Connor. Also listening to a bit of Del, Canibus, and Wu-Tang Clan as well.

2ne1, a KPop girl group. THEY ARE AWESOME DON'T HATE!

Various 80's pop, mainly Duran Duran.

Classic rock, mainly Blue Oyster Cult and some Jimi Hendrix.

An extensive list of everything I listen to would be excessive.


Queen of Titania
This is one of my favourite songs ever, and it's very important for me because it has inspired me a lot all these years that I have been writing my Joan of England trilogy =)

Far Away from Home, by Groove Coverage:


I want it as the official soundtrack for the Joan of England movies!!


Myth Weaver
Recently discovered, totally by accident, the French musical "Notre-Dame de Paris". The first song I listened to was "Belle", and I had to listen to the rest. "Belle" is still my fave though. ^^

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Felis amatus
Best metal outro? The outro to Opeth's 13-minute Deliverance has to be at or near the top. I found a YouTube clip for just the outro (which actually starts at 0:58, in my view). Enjoy.

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My first taste of Death/Doom metal. I must say, it didn't disappoint. Whetted my appetite, really. A beautiful and haunting song. This band has got itself a new fan.

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I guess I mainly listen to a mixture of 70s to 90s Rock, anything from AC/DC to ZZtop as well as some of the better Christian Rock groups such as Third Day or The Newsboys. Sometimes I'll put on some more Classic stuff. Enya and the Soundtrack from The Lord of the Rings is rather good for fantasy writing, as are any of the Star Wars soundtracks.

I've always felt like Led Zepplin's 'Stairway to Heaven' (or much of their other stuff) feels right when playing in the background when I'm writing. They mention some LOTR places and characters in at least one of their songs.

Sometimes good old fashioned QUIET is nice too. I've wondered how many of our favorite Fantasy and Sci-Fi movies would not be so exciting without the dramatic music soundtrack in the background. Music certainly plays a part in it all.
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When I write, I can't listen to anything that has lyrics. I will end up singing along or accidently writing the words of the song instead of the words for the story. No, when I write, I listen to a Studio Ghibli soundtrack or LOTR soundtrack. Go ahead. Call me weird. It's what defines me. :)


Generally i like the rock music but when i am tired or in some sad mode than i listen slow tracks......
Now a days i am very much happy so i am listening Demi Lovato's songs.