The Power of the Genre – Why Write Fantasy?

With a few rare exceptions, genre fiction is generally dismissed – even disdained – by “serious” authors and critical reviewers alike. Fantasy book sales are miniscule compared literary fiction; even the other genres outsell it. If you want to get rich, you’re better off writing “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” than “Bonds of Sisterhood.” So … Read more

Knowing What You Want

It’s hard to know how to get started as a writer. Should you write short stories or a novel?  Should you stick with one genre, or try several?  Should you get an agent and submit to traditional publishers, or try the self-publishing route? The answers to those questions depend entirely on what you want.  A … Read more

Depression in Writers

This article is by Nicola Stretton. It’s not easy being a writer at the best of times. But when you’re suffering from depression it can be a lot worse. Most writers are plagued by negative thoughts such as ‘I’m not good enough’ and ‘Everything I write is terrible’. Then there are the days when you … Read more

The Chapters of Life

Here in the United States we just celebrated the holiday known as Thanksgiving. It’s a time to gather with family and friends and count our many blessings. This year my wife and I traveled to my parent’s house, along with our precious 16 month old daughter. This was a wonderful time for our little one. … Read more

Why Am I Still Writing?

This article is by Craig Robertson. If I write something and not many people read it, am I wasting my time?  This is an important question and I think most creators ask it, be they authors, musicians, dancers, or painters. I write speculative fiction – time travel, mythic figures, spoofs on genres – that type … Read more

The Banquo At Your Banquet

Do you believe in spirits? Have you ever suffered an indefinable disquiet in the still of the night, ears straining as you pull the covers tight about your shoulders? I have. I’ve heard the whispers. They echo. They reverberate down the years. I didn’t understand their murmurings at first, but in my youth I don’t … Read more

Why Write a Fantasy Novel?

This is a question I’ve thrown around in my mind like a ping-pong ball ever since I was old enough to understand what fantasy actually is (the literary genre, that is – I doubt anyone under the age of twelve needs any lectures on the power of the imagination and the hours of fun that … Read more

Balance – at Least 80% of the Time

This article is by Sean Keefer, author of The Trust. I’m really happy I can say my first book, The Trust, is done.  People can buy it and hopefully some are even reading it. So now it is on to book two. Well, at least when I can find time to write. There are authors … Read more

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